nimbus or bedford BC plates

I have been looking at bc plates and was wondering if i should get the nimbus or the bedfords are the bedfords stronger are they worth the extra money?


get the bedford lowrider platforms($80 usd)

$80 seems a lot for 2 pieces of metal. :o

  1. they are powder coated

  2. they are machined(not welded)

  3. I think he makes them himself

Well $200 for a KH frame from udc seems a lot for a few pieces of metal also.

He has a machinist that makes them.

I like them because they cover the whole bottom of your foot so it is more stable and they are now dropped down lower so it puts the bolt in a really nice place for hopping and tricks. $80 is worth it.
Some short plates can hurt/cramp your feet because all your weight is on one part of your foot, usually the front.

yeah 80 aint bad at all. If you were to make em the same way and buy the same materials and tools it would cost just as much or more.

what does bedford do about Q-factor? becouse it looks to me like the nimbus plates are tilted inward. :thinking:

Yeah, they will prolly cost around the same and they wont be as nice unless you are skilled at working with metal.

I know absolutely nothing about bc but when you turn with the lowrider plates, do they hit the ground because they’re so low?

no. they really arent super low.

look at the plates Evan made Terry(muniaddict). they are dropped so low, and aparently terry doesnt have trouble with them on a 20".

There is no Q factor on bc plates, if they are tilted inward that means that they are bent.

Ha, Evan said when he rode Terry’s plates he couldn’t turn.

The lowrider plates are only dropped 1/2" more than the old bedfords so it doesn’t change turning much, it just gets the bolt away from your foot. I haven’t had any problems turning normally.
If I do a really sharp turn they hit but I can also hit the ground with the pedal on my uni with 110 cranks.

this may be off topic but are bedfords longer the nimbus plates and is it easier to ride with shorter plates.
because my current junkie plates are about 2 inches long.:smiley:

bedford makes 3 plates.

short, long(pro), long dropped(lowrider). lowriders own all!

evan loves short plates though

That is an opinion, I think long plates are easier to ride.

Bedfords are 9" long I think.

What about Evans plates?

My plates are 3 1/4" long. 5" wide.

Next time I make them I’m going to make them 4 1/4" long.

Just to clairify…

I make every Bedford BC Wheel Platform one at a time by hand myself.

I use the machine shop facilities at City Wide Welding owned by my great friend Louis Conforti.

Any platform out there these days is a copy of my original design.
No one has come close to making them as good or as strong.
Beware of what you get.

I have updated the platforms a few times since the original design.

You will want the lastest Bedford PRO LowRider platforms if you are thinking of getting into BCing.

You will be glad you got them !

Enjoy the ride,

For the sake of argument, I bent some of your short plates. Also, I would bet some of those solid steel plates some people have made are stronger than yours. Not to argue that your plates are very strong. But to go out saying yours are the strongest without any comparitive testing is ignorant.

yeah i like those but I already have trouble enough bailing :roll_eyes:


I’m just letting people know what I have been told by a lot of people who have bought other plates. They told me that they want to buy a set of mine now because they have bent the ones they got elsewhere really quickly.

They said they tried to save a few dollars and buy some cheaper ones but in the end reqreted it.

Some people have told me that they tried to make their own and ended up with something that looked really bad or was not very good. Some told me that they jumped on theirs and the weld broke, they fell and got hurt.

I have had people say that they have used mine after using other versions and instantly feel the difference and can ride better right away.

I haven’t had many comments on yours (except from Spencer and a few others) so I can’t pass on any news to you about your design.

I sent a message to Spencer letting him know that I would give you a great deal on a set of the new LowRider platforms if you want a set.
Try Spencers and let me know. He will have his in a few days.