Who needs bolts to grip a bc for hopping anymore?

Not me:

It helps SOO much for hopping, its insanity. The grip your feet so well.

$75 a pair, Byrnetown@aol.com

nice. do they affect your ability to bail?

Yeah, but im trimming them down width wise so i get the perfect mix.

Evan have you ever seen Geoff grove’s BC? (well one of them, im sure he has more than one) At unicon it had large aluminium BC plates (probably bedford i guess) but with welded on plates identical to yours over the foot to help with hopping. Seems like you’ve both come up with the same idea, although at the time he said he wasn’t a great fan of them.

Yeah, Darren had the idea too. On jeffs bc it looks like its welded too low. Plus those plates bent.

doesn’t that make it harder to mount?

Yeah, but you get use to it. It makes hops A LOT more stable. Last night i was able to land like 5 air taps in a row with these. when with my olds plates i landed those 1 out of 3.

Video hopfully this weekend, pending i can get someone to film (spencerrrr??)

I really need to get one of those Twenty-G tires and find somewhere to buy that thin tubing.

I thought about doing that but never got around to it. Looks sweet but dosn’t it make getting your foot on after pushing for awhile harder?

I think he was going to cut them down a bit.

That looks awesome though. I will try it out in 10 minutes when you get here.

mann i need to learn to ride a bc wheel

dude… sick… but i dont think i could afford the extra weight on my bc…

and what tire is that… is it a 2.5"???
it looks sweet.

edit: i see… wow… 3.45 inches?? its a beast… how much did you pay for that bc?

It’s a Hoggy, Twenty-G.

Looks nice Evan, I would like to try some of those. I am also looking forward to a video, of this and the MBC.

[SIZE=2]What about having a strip of either grip tape, or something like the texture shown below? Putting that type of texture on both of the vertical bars would probably give you the grip needed to hop, without the risk of getting your foot caught. [B]


::::Evan posting:::
the mbc i so hard, i can barley ride a fireroad.

::::Evan posting:::

F*ck that, with teh grip strip you dont need to squeeze your feet together at all to hop, you just pull up and it comes up.

I’m not entirely sure what you were trying to say, or whether that was from you or Evan. (Oh, I think I get it…Evan is at Spencer’s house and using his 'puter)

Yep. I am putting him to good use too, Evan is truing my wheel right now.

Evan’s grip strip is pretty cool, its weird for me because I am used to long plates but I like not having to squeeze my feet to hop.