Nimbus Nightrider 36 inch Tire

Any opinions about the Nimbus Nightrider 36 inch Tire good or bad ?

I have one on my KH 36 and have no complaints. I have not used any other 36" tire though, so have nothing to comapare it to.

+1 but I have wondered about the profile on the Nightrider compared to, say, the TA.

Tread pattern is one thing and the Nightrider seems very robust with its cross-cut diamond pattern. The tyre profile though I think has quite a square shoulder and seems to create a flat and large footprint. However I have wondered if the square shoulder also makes it unduly sensitive when riding over pronounced road camber – or maybe it’s just me. In comparison I am wondering if the TA tyre would be more harmonious when the road stops being flat and straight since it appears to have a more rounded profile than the Nightrider that might make it more satisfying to lean over when turning or on camber?

However, I believe I read a comment about the TA not being amazingly useful on trails and sticky ground. That for me doesn’t apply to the Nightrider that transmits a good deal of confidence when negotiating fairly muddy trails
I guess I’m not concerned about the ply-rating and I ride it with at least 65psi

I have the Coker button tread tire. I haven’t used the Nightrider, so I can’t comment from experience.

Have you been to the “Coker Discussion Thread?”

In that thread they talk about the different 36 tires available. I can’t remember the specifics right now, but it seems like as soon as a new tire became available there is a discussion about why it’s better than what it replaced.

When the TA came out people immediately liked how it handled road camber better than the button tread. The Nightrider was liked because it handled camber even better, and allows much higher pressure.

I’m sure I’m getting some of the specifics wrong, but I’m pretty sure the answer you want will be in that thread somewhere.

Although I haven’t tried anything else I must say I am very satisfied with the Nightrider. It performs well in most conditions, even in snow. I think it is the lightest 36er tire available too. And the 65PSI pressure limit is great as well. I don’t think there is a better option currently available.

I’ve owned and used three types of 36" tire, the Wheel TA, the Coker Button tread tire, and the Nimbus Nightrider. I like the Nightrider best mostly due to the weight being slightly lighter, and the PSI rating being much higher. Over a long distance the amount of pressure in the tire makes a big difference in my opinion.

The only drawback with the Nightrider is how it picks up small stones in the crosses on the tread. You can pick them all out and the next time you stop your tire is full of stones again. It is not a big problem but it doesn’t happen on the Wheel TA or Coker tire anywhere near as much.

I wish I could try a tire bigger than 36" which is lighter and narrower. It would be interesting to compare- I wonder if it would feel stable enough.

I would have said it’s the other way round - the Nightrider looks a lot more rounded to me than the TA. I’ve only ever had a TA on my 36er, and it’s by far the worst of my unicycles for following road camber, lines, cracks…
Lower pressure works better for me (over 30psi it follows every slight road feature, but at 25psi it’s much more controllable). As for off-road capabilities, mine spends more than half its time on wet xc tracks, and it grips surprisingly well.

Anyway, back on topic - most of the comments I’ve heard from people who have tried more than one kind of 36" tyre suggest that the Nightrider is usually the prefered one in most situations. I’d put one on my uni except that the TA tread lasts for ages (I think I’ve done about 3000 miles on mine and it’s not even close to half worn) and I can’t justify wasting half a £60 tyre.


I’ve read a comparison in a previous UNI magazine I think and conclusion was that Nightrider was the best compromise.

I’ve had the 36": Coker XLF, UDC TA, and Nimbus Nightrider tires.

The Coker XLF wore out incredible fast, in three months had bald areas.

The TA tire was fine and lasted more than a year.

Currently ridding the Nimbus Nightrider, for 5-6 months. It is holding up great, may outlast the old TA tire I used to love. The Nimbus Nightrider is different from the other tires being lighter, and more flexible. I like the crosshatch tread design which I think of as all terrain. A superior tire.

I’ve owned both the nightrider as well as the TA… and we’re talking a pound of rotating weight. I can feel it big time.
The nightrider is surprisingly smooth and comfortable despite it’s abrasive appearance, but the TA seems to me to be slightly smoother. Hardly enough to sway my preference though.

I find both tires pick up pebbles about the same.

FYI, I never ride off road, and I ride both tires between 40-50psi.

The nightrider has lasted me over 2000 miles with plenty of tread left, I think you should be fine =]

Update on my Coker/Nightrider 36 tire experience.
Like I said in a previously post in this thread, the Coker tire wore out in 3 months. With the same riding, the my Nightrider lasted 11 months.

I am hard on the tires since I ride blacktop rail trails and cement walkways, and do practice swaying side to side, and do twisting/turning towards right angles to the direction I’m going. I do this for fun, exercise, and besides riding straight line all time can be dull. Even on a unicycle.

So while 11 months is fast to wear out a tire, I’d expect the Nigthrider tire to last 2 years with conventional unicycle riding(is there such a thing?). Certainly several times longer then the Coke tire I had.

I’m ordering another Nightrider tire.

good tire.

just a killer to get on the rim…i used a ton of windex as udc recommended to me…lol


65psi is a lie! the tire is a litle biger than rim(few milimeters) and when use on full allowed presshure - it jump of the rim, and tube explodes, and i can tell more, quality of tube is also bad, it can explode inside withnout any external damage, withnout “tire jump of” it is defect of manufacter.
mail me if you want to see the photo of al that shit.

I can’t wait to get to a computer so I can properly explain to you how to mount a tire.

No need to teach me, to mount a tire. I understand, “all sides of the tire must be at one level, else one side can jump off”. I have over 20 years experiens to ride and service my bicycles. if tire fits too easy, withnout any tools, withnout even a litle force - it is not normal.
And! Both my 36" tires jump off in three or four weeks.
Ps: sorry for my english.

It might be a fault of the rim rather than the tire. If it is an ‘airfoil’ rim from the mid 2000s there is a good chance it is undersized. Actually until recently (2008?) there was no true standard and the sizes were all just “close enough to work together” even between different batches by the same company.

Nimbus rims, i take them in 2011. It is fault of nimbus. But they say “it only for uni, and if you make bicycle - it is your problem”. probably for you, they can say something like “you ride not enouth careful” or “you mount it wrong”. It is easyer to say that, than change tires and equpment to make them a few milimeters smaller. Usualy, unicyclists ride on 0.5-2bar, (more softly and comfortable, and some slowly). more bar’s - harder ride, and less roling resistance.

Lol, I’ve seen what kind of pressure saskatchewanian runs, and its incredibly high.

Sometimes tools damage the bead of the tire.
Once upon a time I used a soapy smooth plastic tire lever to remove my tire but the fit was so tight I put a kink in the bead.
Anyway, I’d point to user error before I blamed a company very few people are having issues with.