Nimbus Nightfox - The Unboxing

Just got my new Nimbus Nightfox, which really lives up to the adage, “one size fits all”! This is just a short video showing the unboxing and setup. I’ll be making a full-length “Ride Review” soon, which will include a century ride on it, plus a MUni and trials segment.

Thanks Terry

I have hoped for a good Nightfox review. Now that you have one I know we will get a great review. I assume the disc wheel set is custom from UDC. Can I ask what a disc brake Nightfox costs?

Thanks, yes I’m excited to do my next century on the Nightfox sometime next month, and the ride review will also include MUni and some trials footage with it as well. The disc ready hub and brake can be ordered as as custom build. Call Josh at UDC to confirm.

She’s ready for her maiden voyage, Sunday at dawn! Btw, the disc pad were rubbing, so I loosened the outer bolts just enough to allow the brake to move slightly on the disc, applied and maintained firm lever pressure while re-tightening the bolts. No more rubbing! :slight_smile:

Slick new ride!

In your video you said the Nightfox will be able to fit any bigger wheels that eventually come out. How big are we talking? :smiley: Did you measure the maximum extended size?

Haven’t measured it yet, but at its highest setting, there’s a good 8" clearance between the top of he tire and crown. I think a 50" wheel set would fit easily with room to spare.

I wonder if the Penny Farthing hubs will fit… :roll_eyes:

fraid not, the nightfox is a 125mm frame and the pennies are 155. Until someone can get their hands on a 36 hole penny rim the rise of the uberfoxes will have to wait.

Schlumpf 50" uberfox. Let’s show those bikers who’s faster :sunglasses:

Schlumpf 50" uberfox.

And a parachute…

Famous last words!

I measured the clearance at 9.5" at it’s highest setting. If we deduct 1/2" to allow for the clearance of a larger wheel, would that equate to a maximum wheel size of 54"?

So in the picture you have a 36" wheel, yes? If so, why is there so much space between the frame and tire? Is it spaces out like that for demonstration purposes, or do you actually ride it that way?

There’s no seatpost in this design, so it allows the seat to be lowered a good 3" or more lower then a traditional 36" frame design. This allows a shorter rider that may not of been able to ride a traditional 36" the ability to ride one. I’m not sure what the benefits would be for a taller rider though, other then the ability to put a larger wheel in the frame.

There are some excellent added benefits I have found for this particular design. It’s true that the main objective was to make it possible for shorter people to ride a 36er, without the need to cut down the seat tube of a traditional 36er. But I have found other nice benefits to this design, including more storage space, and the ability to let shorter riders try it, including my unicycle student Anakin, who is under 5’ tall. And of course, the ability of the frame to allow for a much larger wheel, when/if they ever become available.

Id still like to see this ‘more storage space’ in action.

You will when I do my upcoming century on it! For example, this storage rack can allow stuff to pass through the frame opening, giving you almost as much storage space as using two racks on a traditional frame. Even without the rack you could still carry tools, water bottle, etc., while still having room in other places to carry things, such at the touring bar, which is where I’ll have my camera mounted.

I got mine last week.

Like Terry, I am not exactly short.

I was hoping to build a 54" wheel for it but my my figuring I wouldn’t be able to fit any more than a 52" wheel in there. Custom lower legs are not out of the question.

I have only ridden mine a couple of km so far, just to test it out before I left, but it felt fine. I could make my legs hit the crown right below the saddle but I don’t think it will be an issue. Other than that it felt like a normal 36er. They got the seat angle pretty darn good as far as I am concerned.

“One size fits all” might be a slight misnomer. I have the frame nearly maxed out for height. I don’t think I could go with cranks shorter than 125 unless I raised the seat.

EDIT: I am a normally proportioned guy, about 5’11. I wouldn’t recommend this unicycle as currently sold for anyone 6’ and over.

Hmm, so while it’s a 36er that can fit the shorter people, it can’t fit the taller too well? Interesting. I’m only 5’10 but I’m about 99% leg, guess the Nightfox wouldn’t fit me :smiley: Shame, I wanted a 52" Uberfox!