Nimbus II frame

I did a search and didn’t find anything so i’m sorry if this has been done before.

I was wondering how good the Nimubs II frame is I’ve heard it’s great and I’ve also heard it’s crap.

Wich is it?

P.S. I have a Nimbus hoppley with this frame and it seems great to me a little heavy but strong.

personally, I think its a great frame.

I like my KH frame more, but its not fair to compare them.

I really like hte crown design, and it is a fairly lightweight frame. it seems strong also.

Its cheap and strong so it does the job. It isnt super nice and it isnt crap.

Why not?

because the kh frame is made of aluminium and costs about 4 times as much.

The nimbus is entry level, the KH is top of the line. The nimbus is strong and tough, the only issue people have with them is that the crown is quite wide and some people hit their knees on it. I wore through a set of 661s by rubbing them against the frame when i was hopping but i have fat legs so would still reccomend it.

I have heard of quite a few people hitting their knees on the frame, but I have only done it once.

I would of hit my knee no matter what frame I was using too, I just wrecked and landed with the knee going right into the frame, but I have never hit it from when im riding and jumping. Just from that one wreck. =p

For the strength and durability of the Nimbus II, and for how cheap it is. Its a great frame.

I also love the frame design, for foot-on-the-frame tricks, my foot feels like its bolted onto the frame. No slipping.

i dont whack my knees on it, but when my seat is low and i wear shorts the back of my shorts where my leg comes out catches the frame and sags fora bit.

other than that its great

I can’t really see how people are hitting their KNEES on the frame i could see hitting your shin or something but it’s WAY to low to hit your knees (for me at least).

the only bad thing about the nimbus frame is the fairly crappy bearing holders as opposed ot the ones on KH frames, and ont he koxx sig + KTP frames.

Those fairly crappy bearing holders are just fine on mine, and because they arent machines perfectly to fit the bearings, the 40mm bearing holders on the Nimbus II frame will fit a 42m bearing.

Meaning you can fit any 40 or 42mm hub into the Nimbus II frame. DX, Onza, Qu-Ax, Profiles, Koxx, and KH. They all fit. =p

where can you get the nimbus II? Is it a trials frame?


bedford has similar ones(the 20" by 3" frame) that I like more.

I think UDC has the nimbus ones(duh:) )

I use the Nimbus II 29" with a 700c x 35 Kenda Kross Supreme. Eventually I’ll put a 29x2.3 WTB Exiwolf on it to see how that handles and it would definitely fit a 3", but right now it’s just a commuter. It’s kind of a take it or leave it frame; nothing stands out or glares at you. It’s wide, but not too wide. Strong, but not bombproof-- I’d buy it again if I was looking in the $42 range.

It’s available from or any of their national subsiduaries. I’ve seen nimbus II frames used on freestyle, trial, muni and commuter unicycles. The bearing holders aren’t as fancy as the KH ones but they hold the bearings, they don’t break, I can’t see how you’d describe them as crappy, they just don’t look super fancy.

I meant they werent perfect, which I guess is a good thing if you want to fit bigger bearing into them.

the NImbus II frame is strong and heavy. It is good for foot-on-frame tricks as well. I did hit my knees a fair bit but i got used to it after a while.

gap to a pedal grab .
i have also hit my seat post clamp that way