Nimbus 36" with V brake

I fitted a set of V brakes to my new Nimbus 36" today.

I also fitted a Kris Holm Fusion seat, the Kris Holm rail adaptor, and a Kris Holm seat post.

I used the V brake adaptors from to fit the brakes. It was quite tricky to get them sorted out, I may still have some adjustments to make to the pads. I had to file the slot on the brakes lower to get the block lower than the tyre, but I think I have it fairly well sorted out now.



Now why did you swap out the udc gel seat for the big fusion saddle? I find the gel seat significantly more comfortable.

again… I’m jealous…

I think I’ll have my local bike shop put on my brakes… I’m just a lazy bum i guess…

But I’d love to hear how the vbrakes work out for ya. :slight_smile:

I had a spare Fusion saddle, and first impressions of the Gel saddle were not as good as the Fusion. I still have the option of putting back on the Gel though.


I’ve tried the gel, regualar fusion and airseat; none compare to the KH fusion freeride! For me it is the most comfortable saddle currently available. I use it on both my MUni and 36er. :slight_smile:
(not sure why they only list yellow & orange and not black or blue)

I agree. I find it very difficult to uni with any other seat now.

I think the Freeride is comfortable because it’s not as curved as the other saddles.

When you are spending many hours in the saddle, there is no reason to ride a curved saddle at all. You wouldn’t put up with a bicycle seat that curves upwards to squish your squishy bits any more that you should on a unicycle.

I think the highly curved nature of unicycle seats is a leftover from the days when people rode without handles, which might be Ok if you’re using your crotch to control the unicycle (eg in freestyle), but not if you’re riding hundreds of Km’s

I’ve been cutting mine flat for years and it seem to work.

I’ve wanted to put brakes on my Coker ever sense I led a fun ride at NAUCC06 in Memphis. On the looong downhills I was waddling like a duck trying to keep my speed low while those with brakes smoothly wizzed past me. I even did a superman sliding UPD when it got away from me.

Does the inside of your knee ever hit that brake mechanism. I’ve got the standard Coker frame, with one tube on ea side going from the crown to the hub. Every now and then my knee will knock into it. I’m afraid adding more metal down there would tear me up.

It seems to me that putting the brake mounts on that posterior part of the frame of the Nimbus would make some sense. Then all the brake parts would be well behind the circuit of my knees.

So far, the brakes seem well out of the way.


I just need something cleared up, is the V-brake used for this just like a standard bicycle brake with it’s cable shortened? Or is there more to it than that?
I’m kinda hoping I can use a bicycle brake I already have when I get my 36er… Or am I going to have to upgrade even from that?

Bump. I didn’t want to make a whole thread to ask the question, so if anyone answers soon, that would be good.
Thanks. :smiley:

it’s a normal bike v-brake, albeit one that has long arms to clear over a large tyre. The one you have may or may not fit over a 36 tyre, you’ll have to try it and see, unless you can talk numbers with the creator of this thread and see if yours are as long as his.
other colors (the orange and yellow colors were introduced later, that is why they have their own page)

It was a standard set of Avid V brakes.

I didn’t get on very well with them though. It was very hard to set up, the rim caused them to stick on, and I ended up having a heavy UPD because of it.

In the end, I traded the 36" for a KH 29 which I love.

The V brakes now are on the KH 29, and work very well.

I would ask for some help with brakes on a 36" before you fit them, I didn’t get on with the 36", but there a lot of people who do.


I’m pretty sure the arms on most will reach, I got some really really basic brakes (the cheapest at my bike shop) and they fit wonderfully. They are actualy a breeze to set up, the only problem that I have is calibrating them perfectly, but I’m sure I will figure that out soon.

Great to hear. I don’t want to spend too much more on my uni than I have to. I’d like hydraulic brakes, but that’s a luxury I can’t really afford.
I guess the brake mounts on the uni are the same as a bicycle then, correct?

If you want to use V brakes, you will need to use V Brake adaptors from UDC.

These fit onto the Magura mounts allowing you to run V brakes instead.