Just ordered a Nimbus 36"

I have just ordered a Nimbus 36":smiley: .

I ordered a Kris Holm seatpost and adaptor, and some V brake adaptors as well.

I can’t wait till it comes now!


Sweeeeeet! You won’t regret it. I love mine.

Hey, I know that feeling! The waiting is the worst part… but just wait until you open the box! (and it is a HUGE box!)

I’d love to see some decent photos of the V brake adapters once they’re installed and set up though.


I’ll post some pictures as soon as I can, I am quite interested to see how it will look myself.


haha love the monkey pics :smiley:

I didn’t click on the pictures the first time STM, nice one.:slight_smile:


ahhh i know how it feels!!!

I just ordered the same thing yesterday:)

UDC says my orders still being processed though…

This is where I’d put an “I’m going crazy” smily if there was one

Hey oldgeezers, so you went for the Nimbus? Sounds good.

I’m waiting for my 36" as well…they said the wheelbuild would take 3-4 days…and that was 8 days ago :frowning:

I’ve had mine for quite some time now and LOVE it!!! I’ve now officially topped out at 37.8 km/h it’s SOO fast! I have 125mm cranks on it and plan on upgrading to 110’s or 90’s just because I love the speed so much I really want to break the 40 km/h mark! all you guys who are waiting for your 36’ers wil absolutely love them to death, I go soo sad when I first crashed it and scraped a bunch of paint off the T7, now the T7 is all beat up looking and my frame is all scratched from high speed upds…

That’s it! I’ve had it withe the 36" threads. So I just ordered a QU-AX 36". I still need to wait untill the seller comes home. I hope I’ll have fun on it:p

dear goodness… I was hoping to get it in time to get comfortable enough to take it to Mrytle Beach.

How long did it take for them to send out your uni Ducttape??

and yea, I’m not looking foreward to scratching it for the first time… haha

But didn’t you make up some special custom order onelesscar?

maybe thats making your order slightly longer??

crosses fingers

When I ordered mine it took about 3 and a half weeks to get to me. I ordered it through a local UDC store, and it took about a week for the order to be processed then it took about 2 weeks on top of that to get here because it is a custom Kovachi wheel build. I bought the Nimbus 36" deluxe unicycle 125mm cranks, a nimbus gel saddle, 14 gauge spokes, the T7 handle, and a Magura Hydraulic brake. I don’t think that anyone looks foreward to their first scratch

Well, I wouldn’t trust that too much. A couple days after I got my torker DX UDC still said my order hadn’t been processed

i love mine. it’s a nice upgrade from my coker:)

i remember when i first ordered my 36"

good memories.

it was a pain to buy ,though, because UDC had a special thing of how to pay for custom unis (my 36 nimbus had to be custom with an airfoil and whats not) but that would only go up to 999$, so i had to pay for it in two lots so i colud get to the total figure.

but i definatly do not regret buying it, it’s fantastic. props to UDC australia for getting it to me in such a quick time.

Any update on the status of your nimbus innes??

My order was finally processed today!!! im not exactly sure what that means but hey, atleast it something…

My Nimbus didn’t take that long to arrive, I have been out again today a couple of times, and I fitted the brake as you can see in the thread at the bottom.

My free mounting wasn’t as good today as yesterday, but I suppose it is early days yet. It is so smooth just cruising along though, it is great.