Nimbus 36" Nightfox Unicycle

Basically I just wanted to see what people thought about this new uni, saw it on today and thought it was a pretty unique design.

If you want to see what has already been said there was already a discussion of it in the post your 36er here thread which included some questions and answers from Roger (the UDC/nimbus guy). It is a good thing to have a separate thread for it though. Personally it looks like a decent idea and I’ll be watching to see how it pans out.

I think it’s funny how immediately the discussion on that thread turned to modifying it to run a bigger wheel (I know it’s not really ‘modifying’ when the forks are adjustable)!

Cool idea, and I love the green colouring! Nice that it comes with the handlebar too :slight_smile: The price is sky-high, but for something so unique it’s copeable :smiley:

It’s interesting that it doesn’t have the neon green S2 rim that the Oracle has. That’d be cooler than hell.

I hate being a downer, but it sure doesn’t look like you can tip the nose of the saddle up, given that it’s bolted to a modified Shadow Handle base, which is welded to the frame.

That’s a losing proposition in my book. No way to adjust the saddle to put your weight on your “sit bones.” Forget long rides. Guaranteed numbness in 5 miles or less.

Maybe UDC will come up with an adjustable adapter?

Using a KH-base seat you can use longer screws and spacers in front or rear to tilt the saddle back and forth. I’m doing this in my 36" projects with the shadow handle.

Not all that adjustable, but should work, I used 30mm spacer on the rear (in my case to tilt the handle up, not to adjust the saddle).

Thinking about it, could work even on Nimbus, Addict and other nut-style saddle if the spacers are long enough and with a threaded hole.

I’m wondering if they’ve slotted the shadow base on these to make it adjustable.

One thing to keep in mind is if you ride with a handle the longer and/or lower the handle the flatter the saddle position should be. As you lean forward the geometry of the frame tilts back in effect tilting the saddle up.

Cooler than hell, uglier than sin, whatever. Some people looooooooove that green… and ruined it for the rest of us. :wink: Personal preferences and all.

I’d firmly be in the “goody, goody larger wheel time” camp but it’s really cool that they care enough about shorter riders to give them options. Maybe this design could transition to even smaller wheels for the truly height challenged riders out there.

Cooler then hell is easy to achieve if you consider hell hot. :sunglasses:

But seriously I HATE the way that rim looks in pictures, maybe it’s not so bad in person though.

I’ve had this Uni since Sunday now.

Honestly, it is the best unicycle I have ever ridden. She’s a beauty to ride lovely and colourful too ;-). Currently riding on 150 cranks and smashed my time for a route I’ve done on my 29" road uni with 114 cranks by a fair chunk!! The handlebars add a whole new dimension to unicycling and although you’d think it’s uncomfortable for long rides not being able to adjust the seat it’s not proved an issue at all for me, but I don’t know what it’d be like for you guys!

Being 5 foot 0 (okay, maybe shorter) I have never ever sat on a 36 until this beauty!! Without seriously modifying a KH or Nimbus I wouldn’t have a hope, so this is a dream come true :-).

Basically I love my Nightfox :slight_smile: :D:D:D:D

Good to hear PurpleRainbow.

As a point of interest, check this video:

Skip to 2:15. I don’t have absolute knowledge of this, but I believe this is a young girl rider named Bobby on a prototype version of the Nightfox back in June of last year. She is a good deal shorter than 5’, and looks pretty comfortable on it. (If Roger from UDC-UK sees this, perhaps he can confirm or deny this.) (Bobby has other videos on Youtube riding a 36r and others, so she’s pretty recognizable.)

Yep, that’s Bobbie alright :slight_smile:

Great video!

Cool video! I think any uni that helps someone ride a different size wheel is worth having around.

I’m slowly realizing that I need one unicycle of each size!

YUP :sunglasses: :smiley:
You Can Never Have Too Many Unicycles :slight_smile:

I agree, but what to buy next is the question?

HA :smiley:
To quote Wallace " What a dilema Gromit lad" :slight_smile: