Nimbus 2W rim

Nimbus rims?
how good are they?
i got a 48 hole 19" x 42? mm x double wall

only in america… jeez!
just get a DX

Wtf is this?

how strong are the nimbus double walled 19" rim
i can’t find anything on them… i hope thats a good thing
im getting one
and why is the Qu-ax more expensive

because it says “Qu-Ax” on it.

Aren’t the nimbus rims just like the old KH ones?

The 05-06 KH ones (I think) have the same specs as the nimbus, except they only came with 36 holes and had “Kris Holm” on them.

That’s probably the reason. Nimbus is kind of the “home brand”, so it’s cheaper than other branded products.

Maybe you could post a review on it after using it for a while.

yeah, if I remember
hopefully its insanely strong

are there any 19" or 24" rims Wider than 42mm?

There are, but I don’t think UDC US has them.

Nope, the widest 19" rim is the nimbus, and the widest 24" rim is the KH (42.2mm).

Unless you want to shell out for a large marge or try and find a ZHI rim (I think the most holes they have are 36), I’d say the Nimbus is a good choice.

YAY for my first trials uni soon

I wish those nimbus rims would come in a 36H. Their site says they only have 48H.

yeah, but on the insane nimbus w/ a profile… it has a 36H

Yeah, only if I could have them take that wheel apart and send me the rim.

Actually, if they have rims to build a profile into, they might have an extra one or two. E-mail time!!!

98.56% correct :wink:

it doesn’t even have eyelets like the Nimbus

The newer Qu-Ax rims are 48h, have eyelets and are super wide… I’d have to look up how wide they are exactly or send Egon (Qu-Ax) or Roland ( a mail but I’d say around 42mm like the Nimbus… I’ll run a check.

i’m :thinking:

it doesn’t say anything about eyelets on the QU-AX, and they are apparent on the Nimbus rim, but not the Qu-Ax. the rim is also skinnier than the nimbus by 4mm.

He was agreeing that the qu-ax rim was more because it had “Qu-Ax” on it, and you were talking about the specs of the rim.

Chances are the rim is more because it comes from a well known unicycle manufacturer with a reputation of high quality products, where as the nimbus is more of a generic unicycle company.

Also, isn’t nimbus the UDC brand?

i don’t know, why would they write UDC on some stuff and not on other stuff?

Yeah, Nimbus is the house brand for UDC. One thing to remember is that just because something has eyelets, that doesn’t mean it is stronger than a rim that doesn’t. Eyelets are used when a manufacturer wants the wall of the rim to be thinner to reduce overall weight, hence having to put in the eyelets to make the rim stronger at the spoke holes. The QU-AX rim could have a thicker rim wall, therefore not needing eyelets. It could very well be stronger than the Nimbus. Also take note the shape of the Qu-Ax rim. It is very similer to that of a Sun Mammoth rim…an extremely strong design. This is the rim we would prescribe to bicycle riders that exceded 250 lbs at the bike shop I worked at. Keep this in mind, but ultimately call up UDC. I have met them in person and they will sell you what is best for you, not try to promote their house brand, so that isn’t something you have to worry about. Best of luck in your purchase.