Nimbus 29" Unicycle with ISIS hub

Get the cehaper 24" and then the 29" when you get better.

It would be a shame if you decided you didn’t like the bigger wheel after you bought it, or worse yet wanted to go even bigger.

i think that is a good idea i had a 24 lx and now have my nimbus and love it my lx is kind of thrashed now though cause i had to wait so long to get a new uni i had to glue my pedal back in place today :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now I’m debating on a 29" or a 26", $300 is about what I’m will to shell out on a uni at this time. I like the thought of the higher speed on the 29, but I got lots of semi worn tires from mountain biking and slicks that would work great on the 26.

Does Nimbus make 29" MUNI. The only one I found was this one
the single wall rim worries me on trails. although most of my MUNIing will be on XC trails and not big drops. Right now it is paved & gravel bike trails, but I’m getting better.

Here the 26 I’m thinking about.

Any thoughts on the 29 vs. 26 would be help full.
I have some time cause I asked for a gift card for xmas/birthday (36), but I hope to have a decision and have it ordered by New Year Eve.

Hmm. There’s not a huge difference in effective size in those two unis. I have a 26er with a 2.6" Gazz Jr tire, and a KH29er with an ExiWolf tire (2.2"). The 29er is clearly faster, but is currently limited by tire availability (esp. fat tires; there’s not much out there with big volume). The advantage of the 26 is that there are lots of fat tires (in the 3" range) you can use. Unless your used tires are pretty fat, I probably wouldn’t use them on a muni.

Depending on your size, the terrain you’ll be on, and how aggressive you plan to ride, each definitely has its advantage. If you’re not a heavyweight, your trails aren’t severely rocky or drop-strewn, and you plan on mostly straightforward riding, the 29er would be the way to go. It’s a nice uni, and the single-wall rim is the only real downfall, imho. But if your terrain is rough, you plan to be harder on the equipment, and speed isn’t your main objective, the 26er is a good uni. Personally, with either uni, I’d spend a little more and swap the cranks for KH (something like $40 more at time of purchase, iirc), as the Nimbus cranks are at the moment an unknown quantity.

Looks incredible! Love the pics, I’m planning on ordering the same uni. What size cranks did you settle on? I’m thinking 200mm would really take me places.

i can’t tell if you’re joking or not so I’m just going to say it, i’m not sure 200mm cranks even exist, genreally the longest available are 170s. 150 or 125 would be more usual for a 29er

Sorry, maybe I stretched a little too much on that one. Yeah, it was pretty lame.

I’ll be purchasing it once I get back home (away in Africa right now) and I’m going to stick with the 125’ers. I was really torn between a 36" and a 29" and I settled on this one. With the 125 cranks it’ll be a good balance between the two. Super excited!

Thanks for the pics!

yeah i have the 125’s and they are pretty awesome i want to get some 100’s sometime.
i was split on the 36er v 29er and i am happy with my choice, its still crazy fast.