26 inch or 29 inch?

I have a 24 inch torker cx and feel like my feet are going a million mph. Will the 26 be enough or do I need a 29? I ride 4 to 6 miles for exercise not commuting.

When I went from a 24 to a 26 I couldn’t tell much of a difference in my 4 mile commute. I moved up to a 29 and it was noticeably faster. Crank length can have a big influence on how fast it feels like you are spinning. It is much easier to spin shorter cranks at high speeds without feeling like an egg beater. I found 125’s to be very comfortable on the 29 on road, and I have settled on 140’s for an all purpose on/off road length. The little bit of extra length also makes free mounting and idling easier with the bigger wheel.

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Your question has been answered many times over in this forum. Try using the search function to look for terms like “26 vs 29” or “should I get a bigger wheel” and you’ll find many threads full of information.

Edit: a quick search using “26 vs 29” returns many results. Here are two:

If your plan is to stick only to road riding I would go 29 for sure. It’s great for hills and flat, with short cranks it goes pretty fast. It may be the most versatile of all the sizes.

If your plan was to do mostly off road riding I would probably do the 26, but from the sounds of it that isn’t your intention.

Definitely 29" if you want to pedal slower. If you get the 26" your feet will still be going over 800,000 mph.

Perhaps more usefully, if the goal is to go faster (or pedal slower), go for the bigger wheel. If you want a strong wheel, like for riding offroad, 26" is an excellent size. Not that you can’t use other sizes, but if you’re on pavement, go straight to either 29" or 36".

I commuted on a 24x3 for a long time- i think the 3" tyre makes it significantly faster than the typical tyre that your 24" will have.

Also, the cushiness of the tyre means you can go way faster cos you don’t have to be so wary of dips/bumps that can throw you off using a normal tyre.

Certainly I always found the speed fine for the kind of commute/fitness riding I did.

Currently on a 26" Quax with slightly shorter cranks (145s) and, again, totally happy with the speed.

I possess a KH 29- had some good times on it, but don’t ride it now.

I think you’ll enjoy both the 26" and the 29"- 29-er will be faster on the roads, perhaps less so on rougher stuff.

I wouldn’t worry too much, just pick one.

Can you fit a 3" tyre in the Torker? If so, might be worth doing that and then get a 29-er, you’ll have 2 significantly different ride options then.

Thanks guys

Thanks for all the advise. I’ll get the 29 in the spring.

Definitely the 29. A 26 is only very slightly (about 8%) bigger/faster than a 24. The choice between 24 and 26 is one of personal preference, also influenced by tyre availability.

However, a 29 is significantly larger, faster, and easier to cruise on than a 24.

If you get one with the twin-thread cranks you have shortish cranks for brisk road and cross country, and longer cranks which make it pretty much a “tractor”.

A 36 is another option, but is so much bigger that you have to be sure you want it. 29" is very much the most versatile general purpose unicycle for an experienced rider.