Nimbus 29" Unicycle with ISIS hub

Hey everyone I just wanted to share my excitement that i am going to get the Nimbus Isis 29er in a couple of days whenever the check is cleared and i have the money in my account.:slight_smile:
I can’t wait i decided to get this first and put off my trials uni for a while because i cant stand watching all of the pictures of the beautiful fall muni rides that have been posted and want to go on some hiking trails before the foliage is gone and i should come in in time for thanksgiving break.

No school+29er muni rides:D

I only wish i knew how to strap a 29" unicycle to my motorcycle comfortably and i would be perfect Ride up the mountain and muni on the mountain
oh well i guess i will drive.

I will do some kind of writeup here when i get it.

Mine’s coming in on Thursday according to the UPS tracking!

I can’t wait either.

It’s a little late for the beautiful fall rides here in Massachusetts, but I still want to get decent ones in before winter sets in for good.

Well you could get snow track tyres if you wanted to, right??? :thinking:

Welcome to the 29er club

The 29er is an excellent all around performer.

You’ll love the speed, and versitillity.

Get ready for fun. Be carefull on that first ride.

Learn control with the speed, so no UPD come your way

Yes i just placed the order:)

A decent rucksack will hold a uni wheel strapped to it quite well. You might need to remove the saddle for clearance on the bike saddle. I cycle round like this often.

i did this to my 24" uni i strapped the wheel and frame to a back pack and put the saddle seatpost in the bag and it worked fairly well it was a bad bag to use though i might look into a better rucksack later

the dakine helipack/helipro s a very good rucksack for this, it’s a snowboarding bag and has an awful lot of different straps

ok that might help the bag i had only had one badly placed strap so i had to use bungees to get in on good so it took a while

Where in Massachusetts are you located?

Western Mass, Amherst.

My sister is getting one for chirstmas it’ll be sweet!

My only question is the rim, why put a splined hub on a single walled rim?

It might just be for ease. trying to standardize unicycles to all be isis or like Brian said less crank slippage.
I wish i had a sibling to ride with. now that i will have my 24" and this one i im going to get some of my fiends that were interested to learn on the 24" before they commit to buying something.

Roger at UDC UK told me eventually all nimbus unis except the 36 will be ISIS just to standardise them all


I got it and put it all together its looks sweet.
pics later

Wow 29ers are awesome i have only ridden a little but its nice and im getting used to it now.
Ok Photos

29 Unicycle

Hi guys, I’m new to unicycling. Never ridden one before. Is it over ambitious to start on a 29?


Yes it is ambitious, but not impossible. They are faster and you are higher off the ground than a smaller wheeled unicycle.

Most people find it easier to learn on a 20 or 24 inch then move onto a 29 inch later.


Thanks Jim

I think I might grab a Nimbus 29, as well as a cheaper 24" to shoehorn me into it. Many thanks!