nimbus 26 help!

heyo there all. i have a nimbus 26" witch i love riding. but i hate the weight!
any ideas how i could save weight? maybe a kh frame? anyone selling one or willing to trade (i no its highly unlikely) but would really help!
im really keen to get into fast techy muni and cant manover very well cause of teh weight. im thinking a thinner tyre aswell? any reccommendations?

thanks heaps
-boffy :smiley:

Hea, consider

KH frame UDC NZ is going to get some.
lighter tyre
maybe get a 24" like I said :smiley:

I think not the uni is the issue here but a lack of strength. On tech downhills you can go faster with a 26" because of the higher diameter and I assume you will not jump up lots of things but simply drop down so weight shouldn’t be much of a problem. Also another frame will save you 0.5kg at maximum.

I have a KH24 frame I could sell you if you want to run a 26x2.3 (or smaller) tire.

Here is a pic of the clearance between the 24" frame and my 26" XC setup.

EDIT: I just noticed the bike barn link in your sig, I guess you are in New Zealand eh? Sort of hard to tell when your location is “my house” :wink:

whel now you know that a KH24 frame is an option for a 26" XC setup… :smiley:

I would definitely try a lighter tire. Even the original version of the KH26 didn’t fit a 3" tire because Kris thought the volume wasn’t necessary for the wheel size. Look at the “official MUni tire review thread” for ideas. It sounds like a Maxxis Minion 2.7 is a good all around tire, and the Continental Rubber Queen 2.4 gets at least one good review. The reviewer said that it pushes the limit of what the original KH26 frame could handle, and so I’m pretty sure it’s a fat 2.4.