nHas this been thought about.

A two wheeled uni. To me, it just doesn’t sound right, cant they think of a better name?


It has been thought about, at length. They are now officially known* as pedanticycles, based on character traits of the most outpsoken opponent of the existing name who refused to let it go and accept that two wheeler was the best name.

Basically, it is still a unicycle, because there’s only one wheel on the ground. But it has two wheels, hence not just being called a ‘unicycle’. If you can think of anything better, then let us know.


  • In Nottingham and Derby, when we remember, and when we fancy a joke at Mr. Parry’s expense

I call them “two-wheeled unicycles.” This is a great name, because it always sparks curiosity from everyone. Then they ask questions, or want to see it. It has two wheels. It’s a unicycle. It works.

In answer to the subject line, “did you mean anyone besides yourself?” :smiley:

Search. Some discussions about it may be pretty old, but I think it’s all searchable.