Nextie 36" carbon rim

So Nextie has had an announcement about a 36" rim on their website for a little while but I’ve been unable to find any more information, and it just links back to their front page.

Has anyone else heard anything about this? It’d be nice to see an alternative to the Braus Alchemist one - perhaps the Nextie would come in 36h too…

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I read that too, but I thought it was just a general news (About Alchemist, without a direct link to their competitor) instead of a specific new product announcement

36 or 32H ? That’s The question ?

This I think came about from a guy in the US who is working with them to make this happen. I am surprized they have this far already to announce something. The idea was 36 hole and suitable for the current tyres.


Well, so far there’s just that sentence, which links to nowhere!

Per my inquiry

The rim is available with Standard Version and Premium Version.
Standard Edition (T700): USD368/pcs. Weight: 650g.
Premium Edition: USD398/pcs. Weight: 600g.

Max tire pressure: 60psi. Weight Limit: 180kg.

Production starts this week


Good find! Price estimate?


Standard Edition (T700): USD368/pcs. Weight: 650g.
Premium Edition: USD398/pcs. Weight: 600g.

So, marginally heavier or marginally lighter than the Braus Alchemist rim, and potentially slightly cheaper.

The larger width looks great, and I presume they’ll offer their normal decal options too.

and 36H versus 32 for the Braus Alchemis, !

Great to have options (and 36h means I could use it for a freewheel…)

I know Nextie typically seem to sell direct but I wonder whether UDC might look to stock these too.




These are live now!


That price :open_mouth:

Currently $338 vs the Braus Alchemist’s $730 on UDC.

OK so now who’s going to be the first to try one?


Fingers crossed ordering mine next week.


I have one on order. I went with the 36 hole version

What are you doing about spokes, silly question. My other carbon rims are double butted but due to the length required double butted spokes I can’t seem to find anything over 310mm

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Straight spokes from UDC is as far as I know still the only option, unless you want to fulfil a minimum order with Berd.

I do wonder whether some of the larger spoke manufacturers would do longer double butted spokes for a reasonable minimum order. Ideally they’d probably be as long as a 36" rim could ever require, then UDC (or others) could cut and roll them shorter to the length required.


UDC is the only source I know of as well

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And just if some of you haven’t noticed. Nextie is having an anniversary and celebrating with free worldwide shipping the rest of July. Currently I’m debating what finish and decals I want to order :sunglasses:

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