Newbie Question

OK, after 3 weeks of learning to ride uni, I can freemount, ride off curbs and ride fairly well. I am beginning to feel comfortable turning and riding backward as well.
Here’s my question: How many of you ride with all your weight on the seat? I find myself not doing this and as such, my legs burn-out quickly. Any words of wisdom?
Heh hehhh…even though I am a newbie, I have built a fatty Muni and am in the process of building my uni “quiver” at an astounding rate :slight_smile:
I’m hooked…

hi im a a trials rider and i usually spend my time have weight on pedals and other on seat but its a pleasure to be first to comment happy uicycling

You will go much longer if you ride with your weight on the seat. I would check to make sure that your seat is high enough. A good starting point is to have your leg straight with your arch over the pedal spindle when seated. I have noticed that on my MUni I am more comfortable with it a touch lower than that; however, for my 36’er I like it with the full extension.


Yeah, I’ll try raising my seat a bit, I lowered it about 2 inches because it was making freemounting a bit easier but now that I can do it no problem…I can probably raise it back up.
Thanks for reminding me… :smiley:

Sit down.

Raising the seat should help. Learn to ride with relaxed legs and body, and you will soon have a more solid platform for learning skills.

Three weeks and you are getting the hang of riding backwards? Good Job.

Put your weight in your seat, practice riding around and trying to relax like you are just out for a relaxed ride on a bike, look around, breath. Feel your weight in the seat. Just tonight I rode around for 20 minutes just working on relaxing and enjoying myself while I ride. Letting my riding and balance adjustments become more second nature. Tomorrow it’s back to ‘practicing’ idling for me.


ezas… yeah it was funny, riding backwards was easier for me in the beginning. I kind of likened it to writing letters backwards as a child while learning to write :wink:

I have noticed that I CAN sit down and relax at times. I suspect as I improve it will become easier and easier; I tend to take a while to become efficient at new skills even though I learn quickly.

Definitely weight on the seat and use your legs and feet only for propelling it.

Relaxation is the key.

A common mistake for new riders is to keep wanting to re-establish their balance, so they are constantly fighting the unicycle to keep it upright.

A properly ridden unicycle is like an object in orbit: constantly falling but never landing.

The best way to learn well is to ride a lot, and to keep trying challenging stuff, then when you get back to the easy stuff, it will seem easier than ever.

Thanks for the new signature line. This is too good.

One way I challenge myself to be a better rider is to practice riding with one hand on the saddle, and then the other, and then both hands. I am just getting to the point where I can ride around with both hands on the saddle. It’s teaching me to ‘drive’ with my hips and not by swinging my arms around. More independance between my upper and lower body. Besides teaching me to relax my upper body, I’m hoping it will help me with my side to side balance for idling.


That’s a great idea, I tried it today, definitely feels like a good thing to do. I also played with various aspects of letting all my weight down on the saddle or standing up. I am getting the hang of it and it definitely leaves my legs with a little more energy. I knew this would be the case :wink:
Well, now I just have to keep progressing so all this gear and all the unis I have in my garage will get some good use :smiley: