New Yorker Cartoon with Unicycle

The New Yorker has a unicycle cartoon that seems to require some interpretation. Check it out here:

Maybe I am missing the joke here. How do you interpret this cartoon?

The humour in the joke is that the guy on the bike is delivering full pizzas, where the guy on the uni is only delivering a slice.

Given that it is The New Yorker and that the unicyclist is on the sidewalk and the bicyclist on the street, there may be an oblique reference to the Kyle Peterson affair. Although overall I find it to be a rather unimaginative cartoon.

I would say the unicyclist is about to eat his pizza.

I take offense to the what the cartoonist is implying-- that a unicyclist would only be able to carry a slice of pizza, not a whole pie. On the contrary, carrying two pies is a lot easier on a unicycle. Next time I need to bring some pizza home from the store I may try three of four pies just to prove the point.

Yeah, really! I mean, I’ve carried a table over my head on my uni -what’s a box of pizza?

Cool. The New Yorker has featured unicycle art many times before, including on at least two covers. Sorry, I don’t know which ones offhand.

In that case, I will surmise also that the pizza has an extra-awesome crust! Not your standard NY pizza then.

These unicyclists – so sensitive! I think the cartoonist is saying: one wheel, one slice. Simple as that. I used to deliver pizzas for a job. In a car (Uni-bus, actually). Ever try carrying large pizzas in gusty winds? The bike wins. And for suburbia, the car beats both, especially during a Michigan winter!

Would it make it more funny if you knew that bike was a 12-speed? :smiley:

Maybe the author is saying that, due to the unicyclist’s inherent awesomeness, all non unicyclists should be working for us, therefore the unicyclist is eating a slice of pizza (clearly delivered by another inferior pizza delivering bicyclist), exercising his authority, while the bicyclist is, no doubt, delivering that nice wholesome pizza to another unicyclist :D.

Of course, I could be way off :stuck_out_tongue:

The unicyclist is being more health-conscious and only eating one slice. The bike rider is a lazy fat-ass that is off to gorge his pie-hole on multiple pizzas

Haha I really like those last two ideas.

your humour in the joke…
my humour banks on the half a lady on the right owning the half a leg on the left.

Of course, you could argue that the funniest thing about the cartoon is the astronomical amount they charge for it.

“this comic is hardly amusing, how ever will we fix that?”
“I know, lets price it funny”

kaufman would be happy.