new video

it’s on youtube.

slick video dude… crazy good backwards stuff… those look like some short cranks… what are they?


nice fakie 180 at the end… why do ur ide such a skinny tire? and warent u sponsored by torker ?

Nice vid! I love your style, very smooth.

Nice vid.
I realy liked it but I also wonder: why the skinny tire?

i like your flowy-ness. theres equal amounts of backwards and forwards which is really smooth. that set at the end was really nice too! keep it up man, youre old school.

he likes the small tire, unlike u with your fatty tire, clearly compinsating for something…:stuck_out_tongue:

anthony, are you still going to be in my movie?


I just want to know WHY he likes the skiny tire.
I have nothing against skiny tires.:stuck_out_tongue:


Great vid man, I like that trick where you pull the seat out and grab the back of the tire, did you invent that?

The other great thing about your riding is there’s not a single prehop or correctoin hop, it’s so smooth.

Fab vid. Really smooth.


Double thumbs up!

very nice, I like how everything is so smooth and the music went well with it too.

Crazy indeed. Was that a rev + 360? Sick man.

Your previous videos were good but this one is even better! I especially like how the camera followed you during a long clip without cuts.

I do wish there was a possibility to save the video on my hard drive though…

that was a sweet video

A minute into the video I was hoping the whole thing would be one long line of tricks. Even a whole minute is awesome.

you just inspired me to keep my 2.125 tire

looooooooooooooooooooooong lines!

man- that’s a beautiful video- i love your style, the cuts are really nice, the whole thing is sweet. you’ve inspired me- i only wish i could save it to my hard drive. cuz that’s how i wanna ride.

awesome video, very smooth.