new video

Right click this link, and save it as “(whateveryouwant).flv” just mke sure it ends in flv

then you’ll have to get an Flv plater like this one (,%20Minnesota%20(HTTP)) to play it

can you put it on if its not to much trouble cause my comp only plays some of that moive.

Woah Anothony, that was awesome. Fakie 180 down a 7 set and 360 rev :astonished:

justin-yeah i am, i sent you my tape a couple of days ago. you should get it soon. it’s all different from this video.

that tire grab behind the frame thing, i think i invented it, i call it a tobogan named after the bmx trick.

i like skinny tires over fat ones because they’re lighter, and quicker etc.


I couldnt let this thread die.

I didnt think about it much until I was mucking around with 180 full revs but that 360 full rev was insane! Your riding was crazy smooth, there wasnt any prehops in that whole video, I couldnt find one.

Love the vid,

whoah i forgot about this video, i just watched it again and its crazy, im gonna ride with you tomorrow to… crazy


wow thats really good riding and its super smooth (like a babys bottom) and its always good to see long clips like that one in the beggining. good job

thats cos he’s a STREET rider…

right on anthony, im off to make a video

right on

WOW, great riding. What are the specs of that uni?


also, how to f#@% did you do that 360 full rev? I can only do half revs without the 360. I’m so jealous :roll_eyes:

thats some really awesome riding. i liked all the backwards riding, the spins and that massive 180 down those set of stairs at the end. nice job.

HA…Dont you think that one post was enough lol.