New Video

it’s like 9mb, 3:30 min.

pretyy nice, is that a united unicycle with a skinny tire on it?

That was awesome. I like your style. The 20" uni looks really small on you, have you tried a 24" for street like justin?

What type of uni is that? Some of those jumps and hops are pretty good for a small tire like that.

the uni is a united frame or a tellurider frame, koxx1 gel saddle, koxx 1 hub and cranks, alex triple wall rim, revenge industries 20x2.1 tire, and primo pedals

awesome rials men :slight_smile: really like the rails … the music tho that PISSED me off haha… and anyways great vid awesome rails agains… next vid try n do bigger stair sets tho:p

the chorus of the music got annoying after a while.
the riding was really good though. and so was the look you got from that group of skaters leaning against the fence at the end.

that was really good though. just goes to show you don’t need a huge tire to do trials.

Nice riding! Looks like you’ve got your rails down… but it also looks like you could put a little more speed into your approach. I liked the footplant gap - I’m working on footplants right now too and I’m always stoked to see what people do with 'em.

I hate to say this, but I agree with maxisoncrack: that music made me want to punch somebody. But you had some fisheye shots so that makes up for it I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

i too cannot get enough of them fisheye shots.
how does one make those? i never really understood how…

also, this is good because it’s an actual video, with scenes/shots. not just a bunch of clips slapped together to music (like my uni vids are…)

sweet vid man
how come you ride so slowly?
if you rode a little faster you could probably slide all the way out of those rails

i ride slow because i’m a lazy person

Aw, c’mon, unicycling isn’t for the lazy… the freewheel hub was invented for the lazy man, and I didn’t see you riding any freewheeler.

You’ve got a nice style mr Dibbles.

I don’t get it though, whats so great about a fish eye lense? I think it sucks. Espescially after Defect and U2.

Ha ha that my new seat/handle eh?

I hate fisheyes with tha black around it.
The ones without are great though.

Nice movie.

no, your new seat/handle has been sitting in my room for awhile, that’s a koxx1 gel saddle i’m using.

for fisheyes u either buy a fish eye lence for ur cam or u put the fisheye effect on your vid.

man that is really sweet, loved the music it was nice and different just what i like. all in all a great video, loved watching it.

thanks for the hard work.

Nice video, it rocked. I do have one comment though. Could you get shorter cranks, I kinda got the whole BC feeling from some of it.
Other than that, it was awesome. I to am a drop fan, so maybe some of the sick tire grabs added to a sweet drop would be on the next vid. Thanks again for your hard work.

That was awesome, I loved the rails and at first I thought you were going to suck because you had a skinny tire, but then I realized it was a pretty nice unicycle. Goes to show you that you can’t judge a rider by their tire, haha.