New Video

I know what you mean.

As a friend of mine out it, “(wider tire’s) just make extreme unicycling look more bad-ass”.

And the landings a bit softer.

The General has another video here.

What happened to the Onewaybikes site and Anglefire?

i didn’t have a whole lot to do with the onewaybikes thing, i’m not sure what exactly happended to it. if you don’t mind watching bmx and skating along with uni ing there’s a video up at with all 3. the current video doesn’t have much uni ing.

man that was a great video. i loved those grinds. and the wide gap of the stairs. but man im tryin to learn grinds right now (just got my rail) and you make it look easy.
chose N

I love you style! its great! I think I want to see how it would work with me with the addtion of some quick/fast hops gaps stairs.You know mix it up a bit I enjoyed the video. What cameria are you using??

great video

Nice video!
Probably my favourite music of any video I’ve seen here. Very nice.

Great video! Can’t add much more, everyone’s already said it. :slight_smile:


Cool video, is it in slow motion? What lenght cranks do you use?

I like it as well, especially how you always mix it up. Theres never just a drop, you always throw in something. I think it might look like hes going so slow cause he uses really short cranks, like 102’s, 110’s or something. So he doesn’t have to pedal as fast to go fast. Thats why it kinda just looks like hes floating. I could be wrong but I think thats the reason. Anyway again Anthony I loved it, especially the 180 rev out of the picnic table grind. Keep it up.


no man that’s regular speed, i use 110mm cranks

Yeah, your riding would look way better if you rode faster/more aggressively.

But your the one who can grind handrails, and I can’t, so…

He has his own individual style and no one else rides like that. That seems like saying it would look better if you made it look like everyone else. I know its just your opinion, but mine is that he should keep riding the way he is. It would be pretty debilitating to any sport if the new riders just continued to ride exactly like the ones before them.


although the slow pace might detract from the riding if the viewer gets impatient. i have a short attention span. but its not really about the riding style, its just riding, and its slow. (although the riding style of kevin MC is in a league of its own haha)

I think its kinda funny/cool how slow he rides, hes like just riding at a geezer pace, then he whips out this flipping sweet grind or hop twist/rev.