New Video: Uni Geezer: "Rockin' Radical Radial"

This is kindof like part ll to my last video. I wanted to try a few more things on my 36er, like “coker-crank grabs”, stair hops, different mounts and other stuff. I also got my first ever “Muni-spin”…not quite a 180, but I landed it! The “leg-around” coker mounts were probably the hardest I’ve done, even more so than the kick-up! Just hopping around on this 36er is like swinging 3 bats instead of one! It’s really tire-ing! :slight_smile:

I thought of the title you see here after I had uploaded the video, so that’s why the title’s different in the vid lol!

Hey, how do you know when you’re hoplessly obsessed with unicycling? When a woman tells you her measurments are “36 24 36”…and you immediately think of Two Cokers & a Muni! :wink:

your a sick puppy terry, you should be institutionalized because you’ve finally lost it :stuck_out_tongue:

Why thank you! :roll_eyes:

Ha cool, I want to see you go to rubber from a crank grab on the coker;)

ok so where was the coker kick up from pedal grab>

Haha yeah, that makes two of us! I’d have to do that sif to get enough Umph! That’s definitely something to try for! :slight_smile:

Now we have proof that you’ve been spending way too much time with your coker!

That little guy looked EXACTLY like YOU!

haha! :stuck_out_tongue: But “she” was already “with uni-child” when I got her! I was just acting as the “mid-husband” haha! But yeah, the little tyke does have “frame of steel”, like me lol!

Old and Bold. Thats what comes to mind. Thats a good thing btw. I hope to be that athletic at your age. Thanks for the inspiration Terry.


Great Stuff!

Your Videos are Great!

I loved the Uni-Birth!

I hope that you are not wasting your creative mind on Unicycling alone!
You should be an advertizing executive or something!

Keep up the great work!


With each movie, I’m more interested in buying a coker:D

Thanks, I really appreciate that!:slight_smile: I just wish I hadn’t got such a late start.:o

Haha, it’s so funny you mention “advertising executive”; before I became a piano technician, I thought about getting in to that line of work!:smiley:

Go for it! You’ll be glad you did!:smiley:

ur gonna be ryan atkins of trials on a coker before too long…haha
awesome vid though!

Well, yet again, another entertaining and awesome video…

I think you are better on a coker at trials than I am on anything… :frowning: :wink:

Thanks! Keep it up…!

  • Keld

sweet, how high is it from the crank to tyre?

Well from the center of the axle to the top (or bottom) of the tire is almost exactly 18". :slight_smile: But from a crank grab position, it’s closer to 19" since the bottom of the crank is about 1" lower than axle’s center. Yeah that would be a pretty big hop to rubber, since I wouldn’t have the tire compression to help me get up there!

Well, I’d guess about half of 36"…or 18" :roll_eyes:

Somewhere around 18" give or take a few.

you rock terry! Are you coming to NAUCC?

I wish I could! Too many work commitments and other stuff makes it impossible.:frowning: Have a great time and I hope ppl get lots of cool video to show us after!