NEW VIDEO: The Three "Muni-teers"

Another fun (morning) muni romp through the densly shaded trails of Whiting Ranch, CA. Newcomer Perry joined me and Jim, with perry’s Mom, Francela hiking along with us. (She has quite a talent for tree climbing as you’ll see!)

As usual, there are no Kris Holm-esque 8 foot drops or gargantuan gaps, but we had FUN…and it shows! Also in this video is the “UPD of the day”, courtesy of Jim, and it’s a doooosy! Plus a few more thrown in.

Oh, and thanks to perry for his witty and inventive idea for the title, “The Three Muni-teers”. :smiley:


I like my UPD of the day more :sunglasses:

haha, looks like fun, is it Perry’s first muni ride?

Let’s see it! Wait…do you mean from the ride we did a while back where you slid down that steep rock face?

haha, yea, that was fun.

I’ll post the link :sunglasses:


I have the red helmet :sunglasses:

oh yea, great vid

Nice thread jack! (Even though I made the video! :stuck_out_tongue: )

haha :sunglasses:

every one in that video was falling every 2 seconds except for you. Conspiracy? :astonished:

Yeah that’s cause you and Eric were taking the bigger, harder drops and lines. You guys ROCK!

haha, yea:D

anyway, great vid, when are you gonna ride next time?

Probably next saturday. We found what looks like an AWSOME DH trail that’s super technical, and about 12 miles DOWNHILL! It’s a shuttle. Go here to see many good pics and details. (Click on the gallery for pics.)

PS: This trail is MUCH closer to you than the one we did.

Btw, here’s what my palm looks like after that near face-plant, after missing the boulder gap/drop. I was wearing my wrist guards (with now-dubious palm protection) with full fingered gloves, and STILL got walloped! :astonished:

OH CRAP! My steak’s burning! Bye!!!

Great movie!



Luckily, only the fat got burned! (time goes ny fast when you’re online!) Was sure good after that nearly FIVE hour ride!

I changed the music and also added a smaller res. version for faster DL.




I liked the movie, I need to find terrain like that in my area.

Have you checked with your LBS? They would probably be able to tell you where some good trails are.

I might have to do this since me and my dad is good friends withthe owner of my lbs and he would help us. By the way the video was cool

Looks totally and completely awesome!! Countdown to me coming south: 32 days…

haha, just watched it! on jim’s UPD of the day, it looks suspiciously like he’s practicing his dismount to push-up position technique…

also, some nice gaps, terry! perry’s getting pretty good really fast…I better go practice some more so you guys don’t leave me in the dust!