NEW VIDEO: The Three "Muni-teers"

Hey Tod,

Good to hear you’ll be back soon! Tim is back from NY, and he will be meeting me for that shuttle muni ride (the one listed in the preveious post above) this saturday. Adam won’t be able to join until the following weekend…at which time I believe he’ll be organizing another OC muni ride with all the kids. Should be fun! :smiley:

plus me!:slight_smile:

Do you want to ride this staurday with me and Tim? If so, it’s 12 miles long…all downhill! We have to shuttle it. Your mom would likely be left far behind unless she rides a bike. It would likely take us 4+hours to finish it with stops to film and stuff.

awesome! I’ll go ask my mom!(and Erik)

Here’s actual footage of the descent down the trail! It gives a pretty good idea, but it’s super edited, because it’s 12 miles long, and the video’s only 5 minutes. There should be TONS of great spots to stop and film! And it’s more technical than it looks! :smiley:

hey, do you know anyone that has an extra 24" muni I could borrow?(preferably KH:p ) long DH isn’t too fun on a 20".

My friend Perry has a 24" dx, and although he won’t be coming (I don’t think so anyway,as this trail is too advanced for him at this point) he may be using it this saturday locally. Because your pretty light you could use a torker LX 24". Those only cost about $79 but you would probably want to put a wider tire on it. Other than that, I don’t know where else you could borrow a 24" muni other than buying one.

oh well, is it very technical? it looked like a pretty flat groomed out trail in the vid.

For some reason, I’m now not sure if that video was of the right trail!
Go here and look at the actual pics of the trail.

There are 18 separate pics. Keep clicking “next image” at the to right of each pic to go to the next. After looking at these, tell me if you think it looks technical enough.:smiley: Also, there will be lots of stuff on the “flanks” of the trail to play around on, which is good because we won’t be in the way of the MTB-ers.

haha, me likey:)

we should probably continue this through PMing.

Terry, You’re not allowed to do that one with out me!!!
Nice job on the video, I know we had alot of footage.

I think Tim for sure and maybe Miles and Eric will do the shuttle this saturday-at least I can try it first so you’ll know what to expect.

bahhh why do I always asume people w/ no age thingy are old (I oridinally thought you were 17)

well nice riding i wish we had some of that stuff near my place

You think 17 is OLD? :astonished: Maybe for bread or a dog, but a person? Holy ####!