NEW VIDEO: Forest Muni 8/5/06

Well the Old Guys are at it again! This time me & Jim (Recently back from a trip up north with his wife) decided to try a new Muni venue, Whiting Ranch, in the Mission Viejo area. Actually, it’s new to me; Jim’s muni’d here a few times already.

The loop is about 7-8 miles, and we started at 4pm, finished around 8:15! The hardest climb was a section called “dreaded hill”; the name is very fitting! Otherwise this was a really beautiful trail with lush and varied vegetation and LOTS of cooling shade trees. Kinda like a story-book forest!

It isn’t the most technical of trails but has nice variety and a little bit of everything, including “cougars and deers and bees, OH MY!” So this video is basically just us having a blast…a couple old dogs trying to learn new tricks!

Oh, at the end of the video is a little nod to my “jumping” coach and mentor, Morty, who has really inspired me to jump higher and higher!:smiley:

Since the regular gallery is down, I uploaded it here:

**You can view it in full-screen mode by clicking the button on the bottom right of the viewing screen, but the quality is not that hot. Not sure why as the res. is full size.

It is low quality with fullscreen because the res you are recording at is less than the res of my monitor. Therefore, the pixels get enlarged and it looks fulgly.

Nice vid though! That sucks that you trashed the camera, but whatever. Makes me want to go ride some MUni :).

I noticed you got a KH 24". How do you like it? Is it like 1000x better than the DX :P? Did you hop onto any of those things you dropped/gapped?

Also, the random comments were really good and funny “now try it on the unicycle” YEAH RIGHT! Your cat was SO funny too.

Nicely done :slight_smile: Get a better camera when you get a new one.

Don’t make videos like that.

Actually, my camera was only “ruined” temporarily the week before when the high humidity disabled the camera, so that’s why I only had the one first shot. The res qualtiy is really very good on my camera, as you can see in the numerous vids I’ve posted to my gallery. I think the problem is with “youtube”, but hey, it’s free so no biggie. And since I did a similar drop from a skinny a couple weeks back (“muni at dawn”) I didn’t want to drop from that bridge skinny 'cause there was nothing to hold on to, to get me started,and I can’t “freemount” from that height on a skinny! Besides, my bones are too old to heal very fast! Yep,Morty is a comedian for sure!

Don’t make comments like that.

Who the heck is that guy? Did you see his post? Totally insane! I’ve never seen or heard of him before, although it looks like he’s been a member for a couple of years.

Take a look at his post history (click his name). All his posts are stupid. Give him the banhammer!

nice video

I’ll take your word for it. I’d rather stay positive and in an good mood.:smiley:

don’t breathe


Hows the KH compared to the DX?

Well it seems lighter and “feels” more solid, and there is a Q-factor with the KH cranks, whereas the dx were straight cranks, plus 150mm compared to my KH 165’s. Overall, I like it better; I just don’t know if the the $520 price tag is justified. The Torker is quite a solid, seemingly well built splined muni for about 1/2 the cost of the KH. But I do like it a lot!:smiley: (Rim is 42mm, vs. 38mm for the DX, so that IS better IMO)

Heh, I did LOVE the paint on the DX you had. It was one of the coolest looking unis Ive seen!

Yeah, but now I can’t do my KH in camo, since now it wouldn’t be unique anymore. I was thinking of stripping my KH to the bare aluminum! I think that might look pretty cool too! What do you think?

Nice little vid, bro. I liked the mix of low-key BGM and the fact that we can hear you guys talking.

You mean low volume? Yeah, I kinda like having the commentary on there, even though what we say may not be very interesting, but it just makes it a little more “folksy” I guess. That song was the soundtrack to the movie “easy rider”, with Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. I think the film (now a classic) came out in 1969. I guess the music dates me! But that’s the rock I grew up with, although when I was a nightclub DJ (1980-1991) I played everything from Depeche mode to ZZ top! It was all good. (Pretty much)

It’s a classic song, so you get a from me.

Where did you get that “thumbs up” smiley??? That’s cool!


Thanks. Now I’ve been meaning to ask you: What does your username mean? Is it just as simple as it sounds? You just have a “sock?” Or is there another meaning? :thinking: