New Unicycle types!

Here are some awesome ideas for New unicycles. We’re all familiar with Cokers, Giraffes, Ultimate wheels, Impossible wheels, kangaroos, eccentric wheels, recumbent unicycles, and even multi wheels. So I’ll do my part to further the sport and pitch these new types that I hope may one day be manufactured, sold, bought, and ridden.

The Extremely Impossible wheel: This Unicycle is just a tire, rim, spokes, and hub, ridden by running backwards while balancing on top of the wheel.

The Pepsier: this unicycle is similar to a Coker, but better tasting.

The Stair Master: Similar to a normal unicycle, except the wheel is built with a 90 degree angle cut out of it, allowing for perpendicular, rather than parallel, stair climbing. This also is good for hanging on to ledges easier.

The Profile: a profile hub with a profile wheel, frame, saddle, etc. What this unicycle is is what you’d get if you gut a unicycle in half (profile… get it?) The best part is that you can make two of them from one normal unicycle. Better work on you one foot extended riding! He he he he!

The Bombproof: the profile hub got me thinking, “What’s the point of having a bombproof hub if the rest of the unicycle isn’t?” The frame on this unicycle will be around two inches thick, solid. The Wheel will be one medal disk three inches think. Of course the saddle will also be solid metal. It’s expected to weigh about 60 pounds and cost around five thousand dollars.

The Seuss-Cycle: this unicycle has a chain driven wheel, much like a giraffe. The rider is seated completely off center of the wheel, usually somewhere around thirty feet off of the ground. The frame branches off in awkward curves which also hold platforms that hold thinks like fishbowls, plates of toast, elephants, and miniature acrobats used to counter balance the weight of the rider. An option would be for the rider to wear a helmet with a small wheel connected to it, so incase the cycle tips over the rider can continue moving while balancing on his head. It is usually customary to do some sort of cumbersome activity, such as eating breakfast or building a ship in a bottle, while on this unicycle.

The “Bi”-Cycle: The frame of this unicycle branches out to hold another piece of equipment that has handlebars and another fork coming down to another wheel. This piece can swivel in the frame allowing the rider to steer using this extra wheel with his hands. It is also believed that this may be easier to balance on since the third dimension is taken out.

Feel Free to submit you own ideas! Hooray!

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I’m still laughing! Thanks, it’s been a rough day.

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How about:

The Presidential Unicycle: This is similar to The Bombproof, except that it truly is bomb-proof. Armor-plated by O’Gara, the company that has been making the armored US Presidential Limousines since World War II, this unicycle can survive a grenade blast. With optional blinding headlights, ram bumper, and run flat tire, you can feel extra safe, whether you are a head of state, corporate executive, or just someone who wants to unicycle in complete safety. Secret Service protection is NOT available.

Dave Lowell (uni57)

[please, please, please – no political comments… please?]

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I think that would be a matter of opinion…

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:angry: More like a flat out lie! :angry:


new types of unicycles

LOL, those are funny good ideas, how about a really little unicycle called " sprite"? or one that sprays water called " seirra mist"? but if it made the unicycle all wet I guess it would have to be " mountain dew"… hmmmm…

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Calm down, kid. “Like a coker except it tases worse” just dosn’t sound good.
Plus that really is a trivial opinion to even bring up.

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How wonderful would this be? I would just love to roll through some mine fields with a bombproof unicycle. I would really feel safe if I knew nothing would happen to my beloved unicycle. Maybe I will build this in case someone starts a new world war. At least there would be something left for all those people who survive the nuclear blasts.

there`s my idea for the not-so-impossible wheel…pretty much the same without the freewheeling…

The i.5 : A Harper-geared Impossible Wheel – for those who like to coast really fast.

Dave Lowell (uni57)

(please do not point out that this does not make sense…)

this does not make any sense at all and you would be standing on the hub rather than pedaling it

(please do not point out that i just did exacly what you told me not to do…):stuck_out_tongue:

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I am a fan of the Diet Coker.
Where there is a wheel, there is a way.

good ideas! made me laugh (i needed it i’ve just had french and i have maths next)

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(the same colleague who suggested the jump from truck to truck came up with another suggestion today
it fits better in here so i thought i’d add it)

a unicycle with a completely square wheel
long cranks should give u the leverage to get it over the four ‘dead-spots’ in every revolution
your still-stands will have to be pretty good but this could be fun as a ‘novelty item’

any thoughts?

(apart from the obvious.
the obvious?
yes, suggesting a triangular one that will have one bump less.)

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Fun cycle ideas!

We usually refer to this as ultimate wheel walking. Doesn’t matter if it’s an ultimate or a B.C., it’s a new trick but doesn’t require a new unicycle.

Jack Halpern made first a two-wheeler with only half a wheel on top, then later rebuilt it as just a half wheel. Definitely for screwing around only; and not on a floor you care about! Picture below.

Basically this could be an old Schwinn with a Profile crankset. :slight_smile:

Now that you can get a good hub like the Profile, a bombproof unicycle is easy to make. The hard part is to make one that somebody wants to ride. I’ll stick to a compromise between bombproof and liftable.

Peter Rosendahl (first Freestyle world champion) has a zig-zag giraffe that bends to the side instead of to the front or back. Far from a true Seuss-cycle, it’s a step in that direction.

Nah, I don’t see any future in that design. Where’s the challenge? :smiley:

Gild mentioned a square wheel. This has been done before. I’ve seen one on a poster for an early performer from about 100 years ago. You could think of it as a MUni for people who live in flat, paved places…

Here’s the picture of Jack Halpern on his “150” in 1982.


As usual your a treasure box of unicycle history. Thanks!


One month down five more to go. Yep. I’m starting to jones for a MUni ride as I watch my quads disappear into the ether. But who’s counting… :frowning: