New Uni Vid (Shaun and Ryan)

Hey Everyone,
Shaun Johanneson and I made a little video together. We weren’t able to stitch them together, so we just posted them separately.
I hope you enjoy, I had a good time making my section. For my part, it wasn’t the greatest riding, and 5 clips got deleted by accident, but it should entertain.

Shaun’s Part
Ryan’s Part

well, that’s about it, enjoy!


no link…

Sweet as honey!

was great vids,

Shauns was like the flip vid down sets in a good way i mean was really inspiring.
Ryans was just class, made me want to ride trials really bad,
put them together and you’ve got Shaun Atkins or Ryan Johaneson wow! add in julien(julien Monee) Ryan Julien Johaneson now that has flow!


Both vids are just mind-blowing. Being more into trials I was more astounded by Ryan’s part, but Flip King’s still rockin’ it nonetheless! :slight_smile: Ryan’s lines are insane as always. That 109cm is unbelievable too.

Just watched Shauns part…and i was like" Shaun…Static sidehops??NO WAY!!!". that was sweet dude i love the riding.

EDIT> Ok Ryan that was juyst nuts…YOu blew me away once again. What kind of pedals were those BTW? Oh and that 109 was HUGE!!! looks like your tire was gonna drop but you still pulled it off. that wahy you sir, are my hero!

ryan, i love your ride, your hop your line :smiley:

and shaun, good video too

snazzy Ryan yor part was great and nice donkey flip.
And shauns part was really nice too I used to not like flip tricks
but not any more.


:astonished: Even if we had that kind of gaps here around in the Netherlands I wouldn’t dare to attemp them!!!
Smoothest ride I’ve seen Ryan, thanks for sharin’.

nice job ryan…I am going to come by and ur going to teach me how u hop so high…and shaun …I wish I cud do that kinda stuff

That was sooo sweet… it was awesome to see Shaun do some trials as well…

OH MY, Ryan… that was a humongous hop!!!

COOL! shauns fullvarial flip is awesome. and ryan… woah crazy stuff

Ryan, you’re frickin incredible!:smiley:

from the only known person who can tire 109 cm on a uni:D

Awesome video.

Shaun you rev tricks and double variants are awesome.

Shauns stuff was awesome. The 360 rev looks so smooth!

Ryan part was amazing. Made me want to go out and ride, which I will tomorrw. =p

Can someone please post these vids on the gallery?


Ryan you ROCK!

Is Jolene really the name of your uni, coz thats my girlfriends name too! She was well impressed!

You are THE man at trials!

Keep rockin’ dude!

You’re the best boys!!! :astonished:

I second that!:smiley: I bow before their greatness! Actually, I bow before everybody on the uni forum 'cause I can’t hold a candle to their skills! (But I still try!:))

Is it possible to put the 2 parts up for download (i mean downloadable wmv or avi file) because i would like to use them for my school’s videos’ week!

Awesome video!