New Uni Vid (Shaun and Ryan)

YEAH, please?


Ryans Part.

Ok, here what you have to do.

Right click and select save-as. Simple right? But Ryan uploaded the file type wrong.

When your at the ‘Save-As’ section, the file name will say ‘Sequence1_mp4’. You are gonna want to change it so it says ‘Sequence1.mp4’.

Basically, just change the underscore into a dot. After that, save where ever you usually do, then enjoy watching it.

You may have to use quicktime to watch it.

any luck with shaun’s, i’d like to download that.

I would have shauns, but I can only find it from Youtube, and not uploaded anywhere else.

If I had one of the programs that takes vids off of Youtube, I would do that and put a link up, but I don’t have one of those programs. lol

Sorry guys, It’s also on Putfile “A good movie part 1” I don’t ahve the link off hand and i’m pretty busy right now. But if someone else can link it that would be awesome. If not i’ll link it in a few hours when I have more time, sorry again.

-Shaun JOhanneson

awesome videos once again !!! My compliments to Ryan and Shaun, for sure they are close to fly away :slight_smile:
I actually working also on put them on UTV in several formats.
Sorry for beeing late but it was a busy week :smiley:

I really enjoyed Ryan’s especially. It’s almost dangerously inspirational, if you’re past feeling threatened. I wait for my back to heal.

Here is a direct link to Shauns Part as hq wmv file.
I make also a hq wmv file from Ryans part but that is still uploading. It should be ready in arround 1 hour and than availiable here

Tomorrow I will add the QT files and make them all viewable at UTV

I realy loved the movies, but I do like Ryan’s part the best.
I’m more into trials.
He has got some great lines there and HIGH hops, that 109cm hop is insane :astonished:
He rides rails like it’s no big deal.
I just love his style.
Keep pushing your limits Ryan, 110cm isn’t that far away :stuck_out_tongue:


I came close to flagging those two youtube videos as inapropriate, due to the fact that they are too bloody good. :slight_smile: