New uni paint scheme

I felt it was time to paint my MUni again, so here’s a little video showing the process. :sunglasses:

Spray it, don’t say it!


Looks really cool. I hope it stays that way since it’s not powdercoated…you can always repaint it, though.

Thanks. Yeah the great thing is it’s easy and quick to change paint jobs, and because f the “camo” scheme, little scratches and stuff are kindof…well, camofaluged!:smiley:

I’d like to know what other’s think of it, and if anyone has tried this method. :slight_smile:

Wow, 132 views and only ONE comment? :frowning: :thinking:

Looking at your photo showing the fork and part of the brake, I finally realized what those strange c-clamp brackets that came with my KH29 are for. Cool paint BTW.

Yeah and it’s sooo fun bleeding them maggies! Hey, is everybody happy? :slight_smile:


It’s um nice :o

><> Unicycling for Christ On The Cross With An Itchy Testicle <><

I wrote a step-by-step “Instructable” in the Articles and Tutorials forum about prepping and painting your frame… check it out.

I like!

Sorry to tell you I usually don’t find your videos that funny, but was one was pretty funny.

I have to say its looking pretty tight.

not diggin it at all

sorry dude…

hehe i like it , i think its your style :smiley:

Me too…for now.:slight_smile:

Um, thanks!:stuck_out_tongue:

No need. Just roughen it up lightly with sandpaper. I had my first chrome plated coker frame powdercoated, and it worked fine by lightly sanding.

Thanks. I’m going to repaint it later today though, lol!

Thanks on both counts! :smiley:

Thanks. Yeah I just like something other than plain, solid colors.

Has anyone ever covered their uni with reflexite retroreflective tape?

I’d like to find it in yellow or a bright pink, but they don’t have pink.

Has anyone ever used ANY tape instead of paint?

jacob flans has a frame covered with pink ductape i think. it looks ridiculous hahaha


Haha! it was aweful! I broke my last seatpost for my KH so I had to ride a Nimbus II covered in floro pink duck tape. I took the tape off since it’s mine now:p

I used a tie die patterned duct tape for a while. A bit tricky to get the crown covered tightly. After about a week the tape started to wear on the fork leg and crown where I was placing my feet. A different wrapping pattern might have helped forestall that.

I’ve used electrical tape on a bike frame, and I think that might be a better choice. Thinner so the edges don’t get rubbed around as much, and flexible so it can be applied tight around corners.

Los of paint jobs look pretty bad pretty soon after, too, so I may try electrical tape, its for a 36"

I’ve been really happy with the “desert camo” theme on both my MUni and 36er. The paint has is still good after many months, and the few scratches on it are pretty much camouflaged by the pattern itself! :sunglasses: