New UDC Double Walled 36" Rim!

Because that would be to easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I did email them. UDC says this rim is not the Airfoil. And it will not be sold separately, only comes on the Nimbus.

Maybe if we all e-mail them they will be forced to sell it seperatly.

That’s pathetic…

Anyone know if they plan to sell the 48 hole version that’ll be on the new coker?

Id imagine not. coker and nimbus/UDC have grown apart it seems as they don’t much like to take advice from each other and has their own house brand products that do the same thing as the coker counterparts.

Also, I don’t much see the benefit of a 48 spoke coker rim other than it being heavy. If you’re concerned about wheel strength you shouldn’t be as the 36 spoke setup with the nimbus or other super wide UDC models is plenty strong with airfoil/equivalent double walled rim and the stronger of the two spoke sets available.

I’d expect it’s the same as other new parts have been, that they first come on the built up unicycles in a small batch, which they check over, and get a chance to catch any failures. Then once they’re sure they’re okay, they order a bigger batch of parts.


I’ll attest to that as I’ve done 2’ drops with my radial w/airfoil and the wheel is as true as ever!:slight_smile:

I wonder if this is the new UDC rim that has been occasionally rumoured. If so, it’d be awesome for many reasons - one of which would be that it can be assembled into the Nimbus 36 at the factory. That’s a big deal for us in the UK as we have had to ship in Airfoils separately from the states - at considerable expense - and have them added as an upgrade. Hopefully this’ll decrease the prices of alloy rimmed 36ers for other UDCs too.

Fingers crossed that the first load of rims are on Nimbus unis, and that later on they’ll start getting separate batches for upgrades of existing unis. I’m happy with my airfoil, but it’d be nice if the market as a whole had more choices.

I’ll have my fingers crossed.

I am geting this uni tonight or tomorrow, meaning it wil come wednesday or thurs

will post pics if the rim is different than pictured

I just ordered one.

looking forward to pics and review.

Nimbus is a UDC brand name, as is airfoil. So it doesn’t really matter which name it has, it’s almost certainly commissioned by UDC.

Yes, it does.

“Rim: Double walled silver alloy 36 hole”

My question is, how does this compare to the black airfoil (the correctly sized one), especially in terms of weight.

I would be more concerned about the ERD of the rim?

I would be brutally pissed off if my tire blew off the rim.

A tire coming off the rim means usually a popped tube and possibly a damaged rim.

Hopefully this new rim is the right size.

I couldent agree with Borgschulze more. I had my TA blow off my airfoil the first time I rode it, now it is a constant concern, especaly when riding it more Muni style.

Not to mention how scary that would be on a big 36" wheel.

I would seriously consider not riding it with a rim that can’t hold a tire on it.

I knew Nimbus is a brand but I didn’t know airfoil was, but anyway I was just joking.

Yeah… I thought Airfoil was a Mountain Biking rim company… I was looking the other day for a different source to get a 36" rim… Airfoil is just a word used to describe that rim shape, Arrow racing makes rims very similar to the Airfoil 36" rim… but only up to 26".

What does ERD mean?