New UDC Double Walled 36" Rim!

Effective Rim Diameter.

If you have an Alex DX32 rim, it’s listed on the sticker. 381-32. seems to list it as 374-39 for some reason.

I see thanks.

Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) is a measurement of the rim theoretically located at the head of the spoke nipple location inside the rim. It is used to calculate the spoke length for a given rim and hub and lacing pattern.

My nimbus 36 blew off as well…when using the wheel TA at 32PSI. I’ve been told that the tires blew off due to a bad batch of tubes that were used in nimbus 36ers from December 15 2006 up through Feb 1 2007. Coker tires still do not fit the black airfoil but all black airfoils with the proper tire have been tested to 50PSI before shipment ever sicne the tube incident was corrected.

Check: airfoil rims
or better yet:
My excellent talk with John D. (UDC)

The tires blowing off rims was a tube issue. Mountain bike tires have tons of extra space when the tire goes on the rim, you can generally fit your finger between the bead and the rim wall no problem.

I’m definitely curious as to how this compares to an airfoil (or one of those drilled out airfoils, even) - what kind of weight savings/gain is there?