New UDC Double Walled 36" Rim!
woohoo, long live the airfoil rim! Now it’s in silver though. :angry: I hate silver!:smiley:

Silver is fine with me. I’d rather have a silver rim than a black anodized rim. The black anodizing just wears off if you use a brake.

Thank you UDC. This is why UDC is so awesome.

Is it really?

Does not specifically say ‘Alloy Rim’.

true but would they really bother having a double wall deep section steel rim manafactured? i think not.

And i’m sorry but I don’t get the point of this thread, is this an entirely new rim or just a silver airfoil?


One other thing where can I buy a 36" rim?

It has to be a new airfoil, because this one fits both the Wheel TA and Coker Tires

No it dosen’t it could be a sun, alex, or nimbus…

I didnt know those companies made a 36" rim.

they might now this could be a new airfoil or an entirely new rim

I just did a product search for all three brand names and didnt get anything. :thinking:

so, you can’t buy the rim by itself

A little birdie told me its made in the same factory as the new coker rim.

a trusted birdie?

Thats for you to decide.


what was that for

You know. :wink:

huh, no I don’t

Oh, and it looks like the Nimbus Deluxe now comes standard with Prowheel alloy cranks.

Oh, and could it be that the rim pictured is simply the steel rim, but the unicycle actually comes with a black airfoil? It wouldn’t be the first time that the picture didn’t match the product.

Why don’t you phone and ask what rim it is, or e-mail them.