New trickes for me!!! How about you

Yesterday I managed to Wheel walk 25 ft(I did not measure it) land 2 180 unicycle spins, neither did I ride away from. I think I will land the uni-spin many times to day and with a bit of like even ride away from them. I can not do the first half of a seat drop about 8 out of 10 time but I need to work on finishing it. I all so relearned my kick up mount, I had learned the kick up mount a long time ago but I stopped practicing it so I forgot how but now I can do it agin.
I am so happy, I jest had to make a new thread.

All in one day!

What have you learned recently?

congratulations red. its a great feelin when u get that first unispin landed. it took me 371 days to land my first one! so im sure you got me beat there.

tons. i just got stand up glides down pretty good, but they still need work- im consistent for about 60 ft with them or so. my stand up ww took me a few months to learn and thats down perfectly now. and about a month ago i learned 1 fted glides which are really easy if you can already glide.

360 unispin for me

360 rolling hop twist off a pallet. just got that for the first time yesterday

I got 90 and 180 jump mounts on sunday, first time I tried them. I was pretty ecstatic about that. I landed my first 180 uni spin yesterday, but couldn’t ride away. I got seat dragging almost down, with the seat to the front and back. and I’ve almost of seat out front backwards and seat out back backwards. By the end of the week, I will hopefully have all those things down pretty good.

Are you doing stand-up glide flatground, or downhill?

My latest trick is backward seat drag with the seat in back. I’ve done it for eight cycles of the wheel twice. Also fairly recently I’ve learned side ride one-handed and 360 degree riding spins. (You ride quickly in a slight curve, then tuck your arms in, spin completely around, and continue riding in the same direction.)

Is that the thing ryan woessner does in his unicon 12 routine near the end? Or is it like the trick kaori matsuzawa does in the defect trailer (i think she does a wandering spin or what you’re saying)?

Ive gotten sideways wheel walk pretty good. I think my farthest is around 30 feet or so. I still need to work on the transisitons though. I learned how to glide in a circle and then do like a small pireoutte thing at the end and wheel walk out of it too. Kind of like what they do in the koxx freestyle video.

It’s more like what Kaori does, only a lot less graceful and just one of them. What Ryan Woessner does at the end of his routine appears to be some sort of impossible pirouette without any spin leading into it.

i do it on a hill. i cant really do it on flats unless im just doin a stand up ww and i do a stand up glide for like 2 ft just to keep my balance. its a really cool trick and i learned the transition from the ground to stand up ww also. its pretty easy you just step right into it.

ive practiced stand up glide a little bit down my driveway (its quite steep). I think my farthest was 7 or 8 feet. My transition to stand up wheel walk needs work. I usually just jump up to the frame from the pedals or from 1 ft ww. Can you transition not starting from the ground?

I tried a few stand up glides on flat ground yesterday from regular gliding just for fun. The first time my foot came off when i stood up and i stand up coasted for a few feet and then fell. When I tried again I somehow stood up and then fell off backwards and hit my back on the ground.

I think ill just work on stand up wheel walk alot more before i tried stand up glides again.

i have been riding for a month and a half and i saw a jump mount thought it looked easy so i tryed it, and i could do it almost instantly

I ground a handrail this afternoon, and last week standup glode down a big long downhill (not very)skinny.

I love your past tense, forrest :p!

I can wheelwalk for about 20 feet (sometimes), and land 180unispins almost consistently, but I can’t glide yet - which is what I’m working on.

Today i learned 180s with 360 unispins. Im still working on my crankflip consistancy.

I hope that I too some day could say “yesterday I ground and glode a bit”.

But for now I will have to say that i unispun my 24" and went to rubber from a crankgrab on it.

I am so jealous. My gliding at the moment is sub-par to say the least.

I’ve got a six foot giraffe just recently on loan (as I keep mentioning in threads), and the thing is a beast. The main tube looks like it was originally a signpost. Just this morning I freemounted it for the first time, very proud there.

And of course, this made my five-footer seem like a toy in comparison. So I finally got the guts to roll-mount it and do sif on it. Very happy with my progress today, and so are many other people who saw me riding to university on it. Gonna look into buying that cheap 20$ bike at value village and putting teh cranks on it. In fact, I believe I will go for a little trip to check it out right now! wheeeeee!


i just recently got my 30+" sidehops back yesterday and i learned crankflip one foot grinds. One footed seat drops, and im trying to bluntslide handrails, ive come close but no cigar …yet


is that on your 24"? sweet dude.

i landed a double crank off a 1ft ledge, and grind to varial out. damn pedal broke tonight too (damn equipment failures). oh and i set a new PB, rolling hopped 1m.

i wanna bluntslide a handrail too. anyone done it yet?

I learnt today 180 unispin mount, feel awesome right now :slight_smile:

Also rode backwards down 20cm high step.

" land 2 180 unicycle spins neither did I ride away from. I think I will land "

my god thought you menat 2180 unispins in row haha that would be crazy