New trick invented!!.....Maybe

Here is a trick i thought of that i have never seen done before ever. I ride backwards up to a wall jump off the uni and plant both my feet and hands on the uni then suicide back on. It look pretty cool but i bet the top riders could make it look way cooler!

Anyway here it is.

Please tell me if this has been done!

thats sick as luke!!

i reckon it should be called either backplant, or spiderman plant coz it looks like spidermans plant wen u hit the wall hehehee

(the 9 month rider seems to enlighten us all once agen)

awsome!!! :stuck_out_tongue: sweet as … looks really kool!!

it’s excellent, not sure if it’s been done, but i’ve never seen it before either

cool idea… now you need to make it a cool trick. il see what i can cook up. spiderman plant is a good name

aw that was sick! i liked it, awesome trick.

ew spiderman plant? barrrrrff…

I like the name “Back Plant” better than spiderman. Besides I thought a spiderman plant was a footplant where you run across the wall. At least that’s what I’ve heard a BMXer call it.

Yeah, when i used to bike, i would build a ramp near a wall, so as i hit the jump, i would throw my body to the wall and run a few steps then jump back onto the seat.

You can do the same with a uni, get some speed going at an angle towards a wall, go as if your gonna do a wall plant thingy, jump of and take your steps, while doing the steps you can let your uni coast for a while with you not holding it, or you can keep a hand on the seat, then jump back on, I would probably call it a wall run or something like that lol

You can also make it into a mount, start by running up the wall, jump onto your uni, and ride away =p

As for your trick, thats pretty awesome, ive never seen it done by any other person, and i like the name back plant for it better than the spiderman one :smiley:

that is SWEET. the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was spiderman plant, so I think you should call it that.

totally awesome luke!:smiley: :sunglasses:

that was sweet man…i think you did invent a sick street manuever right there.

If i did invent this trick, do i get to name it? I think backplant is the best name

its yours to name i think.

i think you should name it after me… “the IRVINE trick” because i inspired you to do it… ok?


I just did a front plant (exactly the same trick except forwards), a body varial into backplant and a varial into backplant. I’ll try to get videos of all of them after school.

descriptive names are the best - therefor backplant gets my vote. (or back wallplant or wall backplant)

That’s a sick trick, dude. I like the name “backplant” as well - very clear and to the point.

seriousely it should be called the “back backplant” cuz u start off backwards, and plant backwards… cuz when i get my uni back i am going to do a “forwards back plant” i will ride forewards jump 180, backplant then ride ( i will atleast try it) PS NO ONE TRY THIS I WANT TO BE THE FIRST… and if u do it, dont tell anyone… wait till i get my uni… lol

I guess that it should be called a backplant, because you are planting your back on the wall (kinda). The one you did should be called a back backplant or a switch backplant or something, just like irvinegr said.

We need an ‘offical’ list of tricks that people can add to. I could write a nice web app that would let you keep track of what you can do and what other people can do as well as keep track of all these new tricks people create. Just an idea.

Sweet trick though!

nice thats sweet as out well done i think thsi trick might catch on