New trick invented!!.....Maybe

“spiderman” is a great discription…“back plant” sounds like a UPD

when you see my variation you’ll think more spiderman

shut up kozy

I agree, its like a variation of the face plant…an inverted face plant.

i vote ‘fakie back plant’ over the ‘back-back plant’. a remnant from my BMX days. Pretty sweet trick though. Keep it up.

Spiderman plant is too long but I like the idea so what about spidey plant, or egg - plant. Nice trick.


Look closely-is that someone peering out the window? Looks pretty eerie! :thinking:

good stuff

spidey plant

gotta go, my UPD senses are tingling!

What did you meen by that alex? :thinking:

i rekon backplant suits better too.

tricks name’s usually describe the trick.


but he looks like a spiderman pose when hes on the wall so my votes spidey-plant, luke mayb u should make a poll bout it!

just a variation, varial spider/back plant.

that’s cool, I want to try!

Sweet man!

I think backplant would be a good name for it, or, after seeing the second one, a fakie footplant.

Good job on the whole new trick thing too!

Are you coming to kilmore on sunday?

See ya,


hey max, im not going to kilmore on sunday but l im definatly gonig to camby on saturday with you and tom.

Awesome man! So creative…I gotta try that now :slight_smile:


i like the new avatar by the way.

See ya,



Wow…I really hope I progress half that fast…

back plant, definitely