I was doodling around with some T-shirt ideas and this was one of them. Really wanted a better uni pic,like a really stylized Muni, but this is what I had so I went with it. (The date and time are not on the shirt! :slight_smile: )

Wow, that’s really nice!

I like it. for me, I liek more actiony shirts, but that would be perfect for communting ect.

good job,

I’m having a hat embroidered that says: “MUNI ROCKS!”

its nice and simple, if you wwanted to stand out you’d need a much busier (sp? busyer?) shirt.

it looks pretty good

it would be a great shirt for when you commute. i also like the more actiony shirts but that one is really nice as well. it could be worn as a casual shirt as well.

I really wanted a Mountainscape background and a pic of a real HARDCORE muni with the wheel as the “O” in the first word, like it is. That would have been better, but it’s just a first try.

It looks good, but yeah I’m sick of uni shirts that have catchy sayings on them, but that one looks good. We need more shirts like the Bedford Pro shirts.

Looks good though.

Are there pictures anywhere of those?

i wanna get a bedford shirt but i dont know what they look like… and bedford is like a 2 hour drive from me…

I saw an Idaho muni shirt w/ a guy riding down the side of the state on the net but forget where.:o

they might be here some where:

I did a quick pic of a muni. It’s only rough, but was that the kind of ‘stylised muni’ pic you wanted?

I might spend today making the tyre a bit rounder, and add some spokes.

Very classy shirt.
It doesn’t all have to be blood and guts.
He says, speaking like a true freestyler and unihoki nut.

Waiting for Skippi’s response…

As am I.

Same here

Who’s Skippi?
And why are we all waiting for his response?

You don’t know Skippi? :astonished:

Beware Of Skippi