New street trick

I figured out some sweet sh*t yesterday! IT seems to me that I have found a sweet trick out that I have. It is street. This trick I can do only for a second, then I fall. You go up to a ledge and do a crankstall. When your in the crank stall you move forward like a floatation device. I call it windwalker. You need speed and it helps if you have wax from skaterboarderboy.

-Mark J

oh cool like i care

I invented it, shut up

Re: New street trick

I think you are trying to do a grind. Lots of people can do grinds. Even me.

sorry to burst your bubble, and correct me if I am wrong.

No, you ARE indeed incorrectly. I believe that my trick is not called “grind”. It is indeed windwalker. so dont correct me again,.

Other than the name, could you explain the difference?

That sounds just like a rail ?


Why don’t you make a short movie to show us your new-super-allstar-nova-trick?

hmm, yeah, it does sound like you’re doing nothing more than a grind.
Can you explain the difference betwixt your trick and a grind a bit better?


oh yeah well…I invented post-it notes!

Yeah,well i invented stryding

Yeah, well I invented unicycles!!!

everyone: oooooooooh!

Re: New street trick

like a floatation device? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Seriously though, what the hell is Freestyleboy talking about!???!
I find that there have lately been too many dumbasses on the forums.

yeh i agree with potter… it does sound a heckuva lot like a grind on the cranks

how about some footage

As rude as that sounds, it does seem quite accurate. We should have a forum called the ‘playpen’ and if you’re under twelve you go in there.

Actually i’s not the age that matters. I talked to this guy “the skunk man” and he’s very mature for his age. Tyler is ok…he’s a nice kid…but I tell you, it’s those damn teenagers! :stuck_out_tongue:

1/ your right pedle is on the ledge,
2/ you turn the left pedle
3/ the uni moves up and foward using the leveridge of the crank
yay or ney