New small movie

Hey everyone, yesterday I got bored so i decided to make a uni movie. If you want to see it its here
Tell me what you think.

Spencer You’re my hero.

The coker mounting was sweet.

That’s great stuff, though, I like.

Nice, short video. TOO short.:wink:

It must be even harder to mount a coker when your not very tall, good job.

I have to give it to you, you’re pretty good. Much better than me, and i’ve got to be at least twice your age.

Excellent music choice (maybe not for uni videos, but in general). That’s probably my favorite Used song, but i’m not sure where that version is from.

I’m Glad your having fun with MY Coker.

Jeez, you went through all that with the coker, couldnt ride it because of your broken leg, then you get rid of it?

I dont understand you people.

What trials unicycle is that??

i think that there is some very good skill in it. i really like the impossible wheel jumps and i want to try one

Thanks everyone.

Ya, in my last movie i jumped over the camera so my mom doesnt let me film anymore so i did it anyway when she wasnt home:D One day when i get a camera ill make longer ones.

I have so little music on my computer its hard to find something that goes. That version is live, i found it online somewhere.

It has an old generation kh hub/cranks, dx32 rim, worn out luna tire (from gliding), Bedford frame, snafu pedals, and a KH fusion seat.

Hey Spencer

That was video was really good. It’s nice to see more people getting into BC wheeling. Those jumps were impressive, you were clearing the sandwhich board by a lot!! I hope you get your own camera soon so we can see more of your riding. Keep up the good work.


Thanks Jeff, I really need to practice my landings…Do you use Darren’s long platforms? What are the advantages to them? I have been thinking about getting some.

That’s some impressive BC-wheeling. Those landings look painful! :astonished:

It actually didnt hurt that much. But i did tear 2 big holes in my jeans and i now have alot more bruises:D

my life now belongs to you. no, really, youre awesome. how old are you

Great Video

You obviously practice a lot, and it is paying off, there was some really impressive riding there.


Awesome movie! That BC wheeling was amazing. Makes me want to make one.


spence, you never cease to amaze me!

how old are you?
despite your age, you are an awesome rider dude!!!
keep it up!

i wish i lived closer to you so i could get some teaching!

u rock dude

GOOD LORD YOU ARE MY HERO! The Coker was cool but the BC was so cool good lord. I thought you were on a unicycle, and i thought wow thats easy but then when you fell and i saw that it was a BC I :astonished: almost frekkin fainted . Good work.

Thanks. Ya, i look alot younger but i will be 15 next month:D

That was great Spencer! I’ve watched it about 20 times. Really nice riding.