New small movie

Your skills are just amazing. And your videos are always fun to watch. Wow…Jeff Groves just complimented you on your BC wheeling. How does it feel? :smiley:

i thought you where like 12. still it was great rideing nice job

That sure was some good riding, at 14 all I could do was ride in a straight line forever. Keep it up Spencer

i’m turning 15 in july too, when’s your bday??
even for 15 you’re awesome!, heck for any age your pretty darn good
i’ve been riding for 5 months now, i basically can’t do any ww/glide/coast things, and no bc
and no unispins either
i can jump decently and muni pretty well

do you muni at all?

My birthday is the 25th. I have been riding alot longer than you, umm its been a year and 6 months i think since i got my first uni but for the first 6 months all i had was a 16" sun so i couldnt really do anything but ride, idle and go backwards. The seat was too low for most stuff and when i tried to hop it gave me blisters…So basically its been a year since i have had a ridable uni.
I want to do muni but i have noone to ride with and my mom wont let me go alone…but i have an 05KH freeride:D I just put 127s on them so they are better for urban stuff (and im short so it helps).

woah awesome! i have the kh too
127s must make it go SUPER fast!!!
i have 175s on there, but i managed to keep up w/ beau hoover (with 152s) on and off during a muni ride (like not w/ him the whole time)

if you live near enough san jose (i.e. if your mom is willing to drive you here) you could muni w/ me

pm me if u are ever gunna be up in the bay area

Ok, cool. With the 127s on my muni I can go faster than I can on my coker:D The coker has 110 cranks and I live on a big hill so once i get going fast, i cant stop, so i just cruise around going as slow as i can:D