New self-balancing unicycle (RYNO)

RYNO Motors has a new electric self-balancing unicycle. I assume the technology is pretty similar to all the other ones, but the engineering looks much more substantial on this thing:

now that is a fat tire

Somehow that doesn’t look challenging at all.

I think that’s kind of the point.

I want one - how much?

I’ve worked for Ryno along with another local rider to demo this prototype for investors and it is a step above any other gyro assisted one wheeled vehicles I’ve seen or ridden. I think they really are describing this as a one wheeled motorcycle - not a unicycle.

That said, it feels like a motorcycle and looks like one. Top speed is controlled by the programming now, but could be increased if you wanted to go faster.

It is also the only time I’ve ever been paid to ride. Gotta love that


thats stupid… its like cheating.

Funky. That would be fun for longer distances, but I don’t know what the police would think of it on a major roadway. Motorcycle licence for sure…

Very cool. What others have you seen or ridden? I would love to try that one. I already have the motorcycle endorsement on my license so I’m ready for the production version! :slight_smile:

Ever been in a car? I promise not to make fun of you…

On a related note, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from someone who had acquired some of the gas-powered unicycles that Frank Malick had made in the 1960s. He demonstrated one on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the late 60s I believe. He wanted to sell them. I asked for pictures and more information, but never heard back. Now I wonder if he was for real, or just found another taker?

I rode an early first generation prototype for Ryno that was really almost unrideable, the second generation RYNO prototype (which rocks!) - and the Vancouver based SBU that has been posted on here several times.

The current RYNO prototype and SBU are not even comparable. The Ryno has a motorsports feel to it, while the SBU is just a Torker unicycle with a motor/controller/gyro/battery pack bolted on to it.

If you guys have questions, feel free to contact Chris, the RYNO developer. The production model price ranges that I’ve heard him talk about were really quite reasonable and he can do a better job talking up the RYNO than I . . . .as it is his baby. Chris is at:


Me too! And when not riding, I think it would look great parked among my motorcycle and various bikes and unis – it’s like a missing link!

One Wheel Motor Sports League… or something, haha!

Here’s an idea that would help generate LOTS of publicity for this vehicle…

  1. Manufacture a “race” version by changing the software to get rid of the speed limiting function and let these things go as fast as they can. Also, get rid of any unnecessary components for the race version, such as the headlights.

  2. Create a “One Wheel Racing Team”, get sponsorships (such as Red Bull), and recruit riders to compete.

  3. Debut the sport at a motorcycle road racing event, after much hype in the media.