New Qu-Ax Q-handle

Qu-Ax just released their all new “Q-handle” handlebar.
See here at

Looks a little complicated, but Qu-Ax tend to make decent gear for a fair price. I’d be willing to give it a go depending on the price. I like the U-shaped handle too, lots of hand positions!

Weird that the pictures all seem to be on a KH though… :smiley:

I’m glad to see that a manufacturer is finally producing bars with the “loop” design, since I’ve had to make several of these for 29 and 36er. They work much better for me than the KH/Nimbus designs with separate hand-grips.

I guess if this looks complicated the KH t bar must be more so. This design offers the same adjustments with one fewer pivot point. I like the post mount on this, but I’m not sure about the stem acting as the seatpost clamp. I think it puts it all a bit too low, unless it’s on a 36er. It looks like it has a bunch of shims that would allow use on a variety of frame/seatpost sizes.

I see what you mean actually. I guess looks are deceiving :smiley:

I’m not 100% sure about this, but there are videos of riders in… Korea I think? Using a handlebar setup similar to this. So maybe it’s already out and not really ‘new’, it’s just not hit the US/UK yet?

I think with the shims provided, using it as the seatpost clamp would be optional. You could mount it higher up on the seatpost, using the appropriate shims.
In general, I’m glad to see another option. I may give it a shot, I like the loop.

Just FYI, I emailed Goudurix and asked about this handle (since they’re the biggest Qu-ax dealer that I know of in this part of the world), and they said they would have them next month.

You’re saying that the quax adjustment mechanism looks less complicated than the kh?! :astonished:
I don’t see how that could be the case.

(ignore the red circle, this was the best picture I could find of the tbar adjustment.)

Maybe I’m just missing something but it seems to me that your basis of one fewer pivot point is wrong. The KH uses a pivoting mechanism where it mounts to adjust height and extends off of that pivot. So two pivot points. This quax sucker has one clamp to adjust the height and extends with two clamps off of that so once again two pivot points or even three depending on how you count it. You can add another pivot point in there for the quax that is going to be a huge pain in the neck, the seatpost clamp. No one wants to fight to get their seat AND their handlebar straight at the exact same time. With this weird clamp pivot where it shouldn’t be it looks like adjusting saddle height is almost a two person job. That totals 3 or 4 pivot points for the quax including the one that just plain shouldn’t be there.

So unless you are counting the bar ends as a pivot point they have the same amount. It doesn’t seem logical to me to call this design simpler on that basis alone.

This thing has two clamps that must be adjusted to extend the bar, not just one which seems like a bit of a waste of weight and effort.

I can see why you would want one of these for the one piece handle but the rest of the design looks like a clunky overcomplicated design with way too much that could go wrong. And on a unicycle handlebar everything that can go wrong does.


Wow – I was so tickled to see that loop that I didn’t even notice that the handlebar actually doubles as the seat post clamp!

In my view, all four major manufacturers have now produced a lousy handlebar design.

I really like the look of the Coker handle - just wish it was longer/available in the UK! :smiley:

Maybe if you’re really short and have your 36er seatpost right down, you could put this bar BELOW your seatpost clamp (instead of replacing it), but if you did that without being short, it’d be far too low probably (Unless it extends a lot further than it looks. If I get one, i’m probably just going to shim it up and put it on my actual seatpost… though that could get ugly if it starts slipping down… :smiley:

I know how I would personally design a handlebar setup, and Qu-Ax got pretty close, but just made it more complicated. I suppose they need to add in all the extra pivots to allow for adjustability though.

I’m just now starting to see another huge up/downside, depending how you look at it. The section that the grab handle looks far more narrow than a KH bar. This is good because everyone seems to complain how wide the KH is, but bad because I’d have no room to attach a light/clownhorn. They’d have to go on the actual grabbing section (Before the foamy bit starts), which could make for a weird light angle. One more thing - KH bars are pretty well compatable with other bull-bars, aren’t they? And other types of rubber/foam grip. With the Qu-Ax one, you’re basically left with their foam or naked bar, unless you buy regular grips and just put them where you like grabbing it. Proprietary designs are never good! :smiley:

Wow, so my first post was ‘hell yeah I’ll try it’, and this post is ‘urgh, problems after problems’ :smiley: I guess I’ll have to see the price of it before I decide (And the weight). If it’s super-cheap (Like a lot of Qu-Ax stuff), I’ll jump on it. If it’s the same price as a KH/nimbus setup… Eh, I think I’d go with the KH, even if I hate the idea of it attaching directly to my seat.

You could also use a normal seatpost clamp and attach it to the seatpost with the shims. But then its still complicated.

Well it’s avaible on - but at 69 euros it’s only a tad cheaper than the KH bar. I personally love KH’s T-bar. The thing is well made and I do like the way it attaches to the seat with stiffener plate. Seems rock solid and allows for lots of adjustment, and customisation. It’s shipped with a wide T sections so you can cut it to fit your need. I had it trimmed down each side so it was a bit narrower. Do it for any 36er. Really helps.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know you can get it from Germany.

Nice on the - lots of info about how it can attach too! Frame or seatpost, means even the shorter folk can put it on their 36er :smiley:

Works out maybe £15 cheaper than the KH if I can get it shipped to England, plus I get that sexy U-shaped handle. Not to mention the KH never seems to be in stock on UDCUK… :smiley:

I like how all the photos are on a KH unicycle.

Yeah, if you go on there’s one photo of it on a Qu-Ax :smiley:

Anyone got one yet? :sunglasses:

Recently I built a shockingly similar setup to this, except I used two separate clip on aero bars instead of the one piece u-shaped one they use. It was rock solid and had a lot of adjustment options, one problem though… My thighs rubbed on it, too wide. I went only on one or two rides and ended up with bruises. Had to take it off.

My setup didn’t seem too much wider than this one. Mine was a bit closer to the seat vs theirs being lower, maybe that will make the difference. I hope so.

Now on sale at UDC UK! Not sure how long this has been there :stuck_out_tongue:

£13 cheaper than the KH, and half the price of the Nimbus setup. Very tempting…

Apparently 590g without the foam cover, so lighter than the KH too (Not sure how they’ve managed that… the KH uses far less metal by the look of it?)

Only thing that’s making me want the KH bar instead, is it seems like it’d have more space to put stuff - Front light (As the handle would take away the space on my frame I currently have it), bottle cage, clown-horn, wine rack… I’m not sure how I’d feel putting these on the loop-bar, I’d much rather put them on a single straight bar of the KH. Any opinions on this before I bite?

It also doesn’t look very long, though that could just be the photos. I’ve never ridden with a bar, so it might not be a problem at first, but if I ever want to extend it out further, seems my options are limited unless I want to start clipping aero bars to the end of it.

Alright I’ve messaged UDC UK about my sizing question. Roger’s answer, while absolutely correct, didn’t really answer my question - he basically told me that there are too many variables (such as the angle, and the position on the seatpost you’ve set the bar to) to give me a reliable figure.

I’ve ordered one, so I’ll post all the measuremants I can think of here - I think the easiest way to do this is just to measure the two seperate parts and let those numbers speak for themselves. I’m still interested to know how long a KH bar is though (I suppose just measure the bar itself, from end to end, and add how long your bull-bars are?) for comparison’s sake.

So there’s me excited for the coming week - I get to try out a handlebar for the first time, AND I get to test a new unicycle product that, as far as we see on this thread, no one seems to have tried yet! :smiley:

A T-Bar is 35cm long and 15 wide. A shadow bar is 42cm long and 16 wide (and noticeably heavier).

Good luck trying the new style and I hope it works out well for you. Mounting space for lights looks a bit of a premium (although some plastic pipe between the two sides of the hoop would soon fix that).

Cheers for those measurements! I assume the Shadow is slightly longer to account for it attaching at the middle of the saddle as opposed to the nose.

I plan to keep my lights right where they are (Above and below the seatpost clamp) and mount the handle as high up the seatpost as I can. When required, I’ll strap my headlamp to the front of the loop-bar probably (It uses rubber bands to attach it to stuff, so I’m not gonna ruin the foam), but I only really use that if I’m going to be riding in the dark forests for prolonged periods (And I usually strap it to my head anyway!). Your idea is pretty good too though… Sort of make a laddering inside the loop? I dunno, I’ll experiment!

I don’t have a brake, so I don’t need to worry about where to put that. But I’d imagine unless you like your brake lever nowhere near your hand, you’d probably have to remove the foam (Or cut a section out), use bar-tape or just stick some rubber grips where you like it. Or just mount the bar lower to leave space for the under-saddle lever mount.