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Thta’s kind of right. handlesaddle from mad4one was first. We tested it. We liked the handle, not the saddle. We started producing prototypes and tested it, that took is a longer time. After we found a good solution, I talked to mad4one to produce them. Marco (mad4one) didn’t want, because he said the saddles are not strong enough. That’s why we started to produce and sell them, but then made4one wanted to produce them (when they saw it worked), so we stopped selling them and let mad4one doing it. At the moment mad4one can’t produce them, that’s why we are producing them again in switzerland and selling them.


One thing I see as an as an advantage for the Ursli bar vs handledaddle, is the only way I can mount my brake on the bar, is to remove the bar from the saddle and slide it over the bar end- which would not be possible with the handlesaddle.
(For other brakes, maybe not an issue, if the brake mount splits in half. The shimano brake that came with my Oracle 27.5 does not do this, so the bar must be capable of being removed from the saddle to mount it)

I only wish my brake handle was from the other side, so the master cylinder didn’t stick out and rub my leg. I cock it at a ~45° angle to avoid this. Mounting the brake on the other side doesn’t feel right since I am right handed. Maybe someday I will switch out the brake for one meant for the other side…

Sorry, got a bit off topic perhaps :wink:

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Thanx Markus, for the explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Today the Kenda Juggernaut Pro 26x 4.0 arrived. It is sensationally light at 865g. I will test it extensively next week during my holidays. I’m very curious how it drives


After being impressed by the good driving characteristics, this tire will be included in the range.
It is very easy to steer and insensitive to lateral slopes. And the weight is just WOW. You notice it especially when accelerating, braking and driving uphill.

The tire will be available in about a week at the introductory price of CHF 79.90 (instead of 89.90)


The CrMonster Rocket (5.4kg)


CrMonster Expert (6.3kg)


are now available with the Kenda Juggernaut Pro tire. I have now tested this tire for a long time and now use it on my unicycles


Man I wish shipping from Switzerland wasn’t as expensive sometimes. You make beautiful uni’s

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Thank you :slight_smile: Yes, that is unfortunately very bad and unfortunately I cannot change it. I would like to export more.

You can see the prices here: Sending parcels | Swiss Post

I have just shipped a 15kg package to Canada. Admittedly CHF 97.- Postage is a lot.

Which country are you from ? If you live in the EU and have a friend in Switzerland, they may be able to take the goods with them or hand them over to a post office after the border.

Either way: You may have seen that I offer the unicycles with a 10% discount if you assemble them yourself and I don’t have to pre-assemble anything (except the wheel is laced, of course). Depending on the model, you can save on postage.

I have spared no expense or effort to have custom made samples of TPU Tubes.
TPU Tubes with AV valves are almost impossible to find. I had two tailor-made samples made: For 26x 3.0 tires (80g !) and 26x 4.0 tires (120g!) I’m curious how they ride and will test them 1 - 2 months before they go into series production. If there is a MUni driver from Switzerland who would like to test them intensively (with 26x 3.0 tires or 26x 4.0 tires), he can contact me, because I have 2 of each. The condition is that he actually drives it and gives me feedback. If everything is positive and the tubes have no defects, I will have them made in all sizes


I have now completed the tests. The TPU Tubes convince me. My two 26 inch unicycles (Fatty and 26x 3.0) have now completed a few kilometers on them and I will probably stick with these tubes forever.

I have now commissioned the production.

The following hoses will be available by the end of the year:

20x 2.4 - 3.0 AV
24x 2.4-3.0 AV
26x 2.4- 3.0 AV (80g)
27.5x 2.4-3.0 AV
29x 2.4 - 3.0 AV
26x 3.0- 4.0 AV (120g)

I deliberately chose AV valves because, in my opinion, they are more user-friendly and less vulnerable. It has happened to me more than once that I have snapped off the top part of an FV (SV) valve with a hand pump. Rims with a narrow valve hole can be easily drilled out (aluminium, but not carbon).

The price is expected to be CHF 24.90. Depending on customs and transport costs, it may vary slightly.


Thanks for the good news !
So, you decided against adding a 26 fat version because of the existing offerings by other brands selling TPU tubes or just because of the limited market vs cost of production?

You mean above 4" wide?

No, I have a 26x 4.0 Fatty tube, only 120g (!). I deliberately chose this size because it suits my range. My Fatty unicycles all have 4" tires. If you are looking for larger tubes, I can recommend the Revoloop. The fact is that the Revoloop, combined with my 4" tires, was always a bit complicated to install because it is almost too big . With my 26x 4.0 hoses it’s quick and easy. That’s why these hoses only go up to 4.0. It is so small that if necessary you could also use it for a 3.0 tire if you install it carefully. But I only tried it briefly. Would still have to do a long-term test.


Thanks for the additional information !

You mean the official list you will have produced can cover up to 4.0? Or the 4.0 you have for test would also fit a 3.0?

For bigger tires (4.5 to 5+), the tube is a detail with the weight of the tire itself and there are other brands that may cover that.

Thanks again , I will have to wait for your delivery to get some tubes :wink:

The tubes always have a mounting area. The tube was designed for 4.0 tires, but it seems that it just fits 3.0. But I’ve never ridden like this before, because I ride the tube on my 4.0 Fatty. But what is clear is that once you have fitted a 4.0 tire, you can’t go back to 3.0. Since I only mounted the tube briefly on 3.0, but did not drive, this information is still with reservations.

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I have now found one disadvantage compared to the many advantages: As with latex tubes, TPU tubes have to be pumped more often compared to butyl tubes. I didn’t notice this at first because I was testing different tires and none of them had been installed for a week.
Well, I’m going to have these tubes made anyway, I can live with having to pump them up more often. Since they are only in the waiting loop for production, I have now contacted the manufacturer again to find out whether this point can be improved without losing the low weight.

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It seems to depend on the manufacturer. I find the 36er tubes to leak more air than the Schwalbe Aerothan tubes. I have to pump my G36 every ten days, whereas the Aerothans hold the air way longer.

There are probably different materials and I think Schwalbe has been working on this for a long time. My Fatty hose keeps the air constant for a long time, but the orange one for 26x 3.0 doesn’t, but it’s just a sample and I have two of them. I have now installed the second hose and measure the air pressure every day in order to then make a report. To be honest, I would prefer it if I didn’t have to have all of these hoses made myself; it’s always an investment and an entrepreneurial risk. However, I haven’t found any such hoses for 20,24,26 x 3.0, especially not with an AV valve. Only the 27.5 and 29 seem to be available from Schwalbe now, but even then most suppliers don’t carry the AV version. The same with the fat tubes, I only know the Revoloop.


With butyl hoses the difference is extreme. Among the normal tubes, the Schwalbe standard tubes seem to hold air the longest. This was the result of a test by the Swiss consumer magazine “Kassensturz”.

I have now tested the tubes again carefully:
Within 7 days the 26x 3.0 hose lost 0.3 bar, from 2.2 bar to 1.9 bar. In the same time, the Fatty hose lost 0.1 bar, from 1.5 to 1.4 bar. I assume that with lower air pressure, the air loss is smaller becomes. It’s not as bad as I first thought.