New products and activities (unicycle dealers, unicycle manufacturers)

I don’t know if retailers are also allowed to advertise new products. There are many unofficial entries, comparable to influencers. That’s why I’m starting an entry for dealers and unicycle brands who can present new products. There was such an entry in the German forum. After being ridiculed, I stopped posting. All information about new products and other activities of dealers and unicycle brands belongs here. I hope I chose the right category for this


Official logo for the unicycle brand GETitONE. I admit branding is not my forte. Most unicycles leave my warehouse without any identification. In the future I would like to label my unicycle brands GETitONE, ONE4ALL, Unikum and UniFrog better. It starts with the official logo of GEtitONE. Here it is :slight_smile:


I thought there was a place for that already but I can’t seem to find it. I post most of my new things on social medias ( Instagram / Facebook ). I come on the forum once in a while when I’m tagged somewhere to answer a request or a question. I dont spend as much computer time as I did before (yay!) so I dont spend much time on the forums.

New for me, I will have a working website at some point, working on it :slight_smile:


But you could, for example, present a new product here. This will make it known to a wide range of unicyclists who may not (yet) know your website.


I welcome the idea of products being advertised here as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. I am not on any social medias other than this forum, if that counts, so I am not always up to date on new products.


I second this. @Unicycle_Business members, free to keep the community updated if you have meaningful information to provide as long it doesn’t become like…


I’m rarely up-to-date as well and I only use and (:fr:) for information about new unicycles, parts or accessories.


Back in stock after 6 months of waiting: Surly Dirt Wizard 26 x 3.0. So that this doesn’t happen to me again, I have increased the stock. Positive surprise: The new tire weighs only 1080g !!! Surly lists him with a weight of 1320g. Compared to the Duro tires you save a lot of weight and still have great grip



From 5.47kg ! The fastest and lightest fat unicycle in the range! This unicycle offers the highest performance and rolls as easily as normal MUnis with thinner tires. This is made possible by the 950g light Innova folding tire. The Fatty unicycle can be equipped with disc brakes (not included in the price)
The unicycle is laced by hand by a professional in Switzerland. The hub and CrMo fork are specially made in-house products (120mm track width), as are the very light dual cranks.

More information can be found here:


I would like to show you what makes a good crank-hub combination (ISIS)

Today in a test hub and crank combination compared. Example above: The full width of the crank rests on the ISIS teeth. There is a 4mm gap to the ball bearing = a 4mm spacer would be perfect. 2. Example below, this hub is a sample from a manufacturer who also sells hubs: Although the crank and hub are from the same manufacturer, the crank only partially rests on the toothing. Gap between ball bearing and crank about 12mm.

How did you set the cranks in this case? If you just push it on by hand, all it takes is a tiny burr or imperfection that will disappear the first time you tighten it to not sit in the right spot.
There is supposed to be a press fit of 3-6mm difference between the cranks being pushed on by hand and the crank bolt tightened down.

I tightened it with a very long Allen key with a very high torque and no spacers on the inside. Normally you don’t tighten the crank bolts that much. Then I removed the crank screw again so that you can see how far the crank has moved.

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Not sure I follow what is being shown and explained. I’m interested, which is why I am commenting. Thanks in advance.

Also, I really like your in-house super light fat tire uni. I do wish the site had an easy way to change to USD($). I did convert externally, but it might be a nice touch if it is easy to implement.

Ah, that makes more sense. I’d suggest a 5mm spacer then for the first example then, to make sure it bottoms out on the spacer when tightened normally.

Second example is pretty much unusable then I’d say…

I don’t know exactly what you mean. If you pay by credit card, the credit card company will convert it for you. Otherwise there is a currency converter. If you prefer bank transfer, there is the possibility to use I deliberately keep my website simple and display my prices in the local currency, i.e. CHF. All other currencies and thus prices would change every day. In relation to this entry, I don’t really want to advertise or sell anything. I just want to let people know what the difference is between certain hub/crank combinations.

I use 6mm spacers as standard. If someone feels the crank goes too easy on the axle, you still have the option to switch to 4mm. I’m sure that not every crank is exactly the same (tolerances) and it could well be possible that the aluminum “works” a bit over time, i.e. an older crank goes on the axle even more easily. I’ve never examined it directly, but I think it could be the case.

Mad4One allows for different currencies on their website. Eh, not a big deal - the last thing I need to do is impulse buy more unicycles haha :slight_smile:

That’s a fact on KH Spirit cranks when they’ve been on a Schlumpf’s hub. They tend tocome be way larger than before.

I sell 99% within Switzerland / FL, just because the shipping prices of Swiss Post are very high in international comparison and the Swiss franc (CHF) is also very highly valued. My export rate is at most 1% of total sales. It is therefore absolutely sufficient to only display CHF.

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No worries, its off my radar.

I wondered if anyone is interested in some titanium unicycle products.

So my guy makes a series of titanium parts, namely frames, seatposts, hubs and saddle-bases. They are quality made, nice looking, and already have a good reputation in the local unicyclists - but it’s a very small community. We are thinking to carry them to a broader market. We decided to start from something smaller to see if this is possible.

Introducing the titanium hub

CNC machined unibody titanium alloy hub, 32 or 36 holes, 100mm flange distance (also available in 125mm), weighs about 175g (not including bearings, spacers or bolts). The price will be about $160 (bearings and bolts included), plus shipping.

Edit: the price above is how much we sell locally, converted directly into USD. There may be other costs involved (duties for example) that we are not aware of yet, so the price is not final and will likely be higher if this is going to work.

Note this is not a trading post. We’d like to see if there are enough demand to justify the cost and hassle of opening an online shop for them. By then we’ll introduce more titanium products, including fancy frames at a reasonable price! Tell me if you are interested!