New products and activities (unicycle dealers, unicycle manufacturers)

I don’t know if retailers are also allowed to advertise new products. There are many unofficial entries, comparable to influencers. That’s why I’m starting an entry for dealers and unicycle brands who can present new products. There was such an entry in the German forum. After being ridiculed, I stopped posting. All information about new products and other activities of dealers and unicycle brands belongs here. I hope I chose the right category for this


Official logo for the unicycle brand GETitONE. I admit branding is not my forte. Most unicycles leave my warehouse without any identification. In the future I would like to label my unicycle brands GETitONE, ONE4ALL, Unikum and UniFrog better. It starts with the official logo of GEtitONE. Here it is :slight_smile:


I thought there was a place for that already but I can’t seem to find it. I post most of my new things on social medias ( Instagram / Facebook ). I come on the forum once in a while when I’m tagged somewhere to answer a request or a question. I dont spend as much computer time as I did before (yay!) so I dont spend much time on the forums.

New for me, I will have a working website at some point, working on it :slight_smile:


But you could, for example, present a new product here. This will make it known to a wide range of unicyclists who may not (yet) know your website.


I welcome the idea of products being advertised here as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. I am not on any social medias other than this forum, if that counts, so I am not always up to date on new products.


I second this. @Unicycle_Business members, free to keep the community updated if you have meaningful information to provide as long it doesn’t become like…


I’m rarely up-to-date as well and I only use and (:fr:) for information about new unicycles, parts or accessories.


Back in stock after 6 months of waiting: Surly Dirt Wizard 26 x 3.0. So that this doesn’t happen to me again, I have increased the stock. Positive surprise: The new tire weighs only 1080g !!! Surly lists him with a weight of 1320g. Compared to the Duro tires you save a lot of weight and still have great grip