New product announcements for 2015?

Why are all the Kris Holm​ unicycles on sale right now? It makes me think that Kris might be planning to release some updated products soon. I’m not asking Kris to divulge any trade secrets. I just hate buying something new only to find out, in six months, that a new version is coming out soon. a.k.a. The Apple Watch

As for now, the 2012 KH frames with the disc brake tab already welded on are still the latest and greatest. Correct?

Kris is about to release an Apple Watch!!! Cool, will it be electric blue? :smiley:

I think he did say he was releasing new products this spring.

Oh but the Nimbus Wear is so much better!

New kh unicycles coming end of apr or early May. Not sure what has changed I heard there still blue and maybe coming with break setup already on them like some of the nimbus muni’s.

I’m not sure how much I should be saying but i can tell you there will be new tires and I believe the zero will come stock.

Yes he is making some changes. UDC should have them soon. I few things are changing with the frame, hub as well as the seats from what I heard.

Since all 29" KH rims are sold out since months, I think they’ll maybe get an update … but not sure about this. Maybe there were just some difficulties in the supply chain … :smiley:

well a whole load of bike related factories in vietnam did get burnt down.

That is the reason for the current impact/nimbus saddle base and the disappearance of the velo one

To make things simple in the UK we have put all KH unicycles and parts on 30% discount. This does not mean that everything on sale is going to be changed or updated the next version come out; so have fun.


Any pics on the new kh’s?

I bet there’ll be ton’s of pics once they are actually released…

David, so sorry you’re stuck with your “old” Apple Watch. :frowning:

Yes, lots…

Not public until Kris announces the new products. :slight_smile:


Is there an announcement date?

Cue crazy theories about what new products could be!!!

I’ve often wondered why Kris recommends (in certain configurations) removing your saddle nose-handle and replacing it with a T-bar. I’d be interested to see a saddle handle that’s already shaped/built like a T-bar (IE. bull-bars poking right out the front) for those who put the T-bar so close to the saddle that it might as well be a saddle handle.

Oh, and 3-hole cranks complete with automagic quick-release system for your pedals (Yes I know these things already exist…) :smiley:

Back in real-land, could there possibly be a KH uni with a disk already on it?

Man, I hope not. I feel like this will come with a bigger price tag. Not sure why a mandatory brake is there. I don’t want or need a brake for road or mountain riding that I do. The first thing I would do with a brake would be rip it off and try and sell the cranks and brake to pay for non-disk cranks. Someone here would be excited I guess.

Looking forward to seeing the new rigs! I hope the changes aren’t just another iteration of the same thing. It’d be great to see something shake things up. Carbon/Ti/Steel/Magnesium Alloy frame? Thinner 36er rim and tire? Cheaper geared hub? KH fat-tire 29er?

Meh, I suppose I can dream for another week or two.

I know I for one am hoping for one of those gorgeous hydroformed frames like impact has but for muni. Or a fat frame offering! I can hope right?

Or a wheel like this

that would be cool

Doood. If that happens. I’ll be first in line! :smiley: