New Pedals

Have any of you purchased these pedals? The description says: Please note: colors vary from batch to batch..

Does anyone know how varied? I tried emailing them, but they are closed.

I have a set in blue and red. I haven’t ordered the same color twice yet so I don’t know how much variation, but my red is slightly pinkish and the blue is sort of light blue. If you order orange, I would expect something close enough to orange that you can definitively call it orange, if that makes sense.

What about the green one? Red was pinkish? I don’t think I would like that.

Not pink, pinkish as in lighter red. I’ll get a picture up here at some point. It’s definitely still red, but not a cherry red.

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Hmmm, sounds like I should stick with orange. I like green, but not every variation of it.

These are the red pedals and various parts from before I built up a 20” back in January.

And the completed 20”. The rim is a nice cherry red anodized aluminum and the pedals are what they are, but they aren’t that expensive as far as pedals can go so I’m fine with it.

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I’d call that red.

I have the orange and they are great. My favorite style of uni pedal so far. Mine look like the ones in your picture.

That color variation warning comes on lots of stuff.

And hey, they are best covered in a layer of dirt and mud anyways.

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That’s not bad. Then I will get the green then. The color doesn’t vary enough to be concerned.

OK, I got the new pedals. Do I grease the black bolts that is on the pedal, or do I grease the cranks? My apologies for the fuzzy picture.

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The grease is going to end up on both surfaces, so it doesn’t really matter.
Grease the cranks threads or grease the threads on the pedal or grease both, whatever you feel like that day. I often don’t grease them at all, and it’s still fine. Just tighten them properly and check if they are still tight occasionally.


Perfect! Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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These are my absolute favorite pedals. Same color for mine, too :smiley:

Don’t forget the washer!

I was concerned that the green wouldn’t go with my blue bumper.

Huh? What washer? It didn’t come with one. Neither did the other ones. The video instructions don’t even mention a washer. :confused: Why do I need a washer?

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A washer goes between the crank interface and the pedal. Most of my pedals come with a set of washers, but I don’t think they are always included.

You probably already have a set of washers from the pedals that came on your current uni. At least my two unis from UDC had washers.

A quick search gives us more to read about that interface interaction:

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I just contacted to see if it was necessary. None of my unicycles came with washers for the pedals. Perhaps they are not necessary in every case?

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Necessary? Probably not. Useful? I’d say so. I make an effort to keep mine on though, particularly considering riding backwards or possibly long idles on a uni can tend to unscrew pedals and I keep them tight.

Keep in mind its easy to lose them visually when removing a pedal. Sometimes they hide on the crank interface. Happens regularly.

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Oooohhh, and a washer will prevent that? That’s good to know! Will a local bike shop carry the washers that I need, or do the washers need to be exclusively for unicycles?

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I wouldn’t say a washer will prevent unscrewing. I think it just allows you to tighten a bit more without being destructive by distributing the force more evenly. I think thats the story.

Any washer that fits should work. Its not really special.