New odd ball build!

Hi all,

As well as riding unicycles i enjoy building them and wanted to build something else.

My only muni is a hatchet 26" 4.8 so i decide i would like to go for something like a 26 or 27.5 with a disc and a knobbly tyre so the search began.

I found a qu-ax 29" frame cheap on ebay which wasnt really what i wanted but brought it anyway, Then a mavic deemax downhill 27.5 rim came up which looked cool so my new build is going to be a right old mix and match of parts.

Heres a photo of it just resting together with masking tape just so i could work out the wheel centre so i could check the gap above the tyre wouldnt look too big.

Let the build begin!


When I saw this I thought you must be going to do trials on it and had gone for a minimal/vestigial seat like folk fit to competition trials bikes :wink:

Seriously though, I see you’re keeping the yellow theme from your Hatchet – nice. Have fun with it.

Hi DrD,

The yellow theme just happened really…gives me good reason to stick another qu-ax eleven seat on it and matt black the frame.

How are you getting on with your hatchet ? went out the other day on mine and found fat tyres dont bite into the muddy ground, slipping on one wheel is fun and helps improve skills i guess!

Looking forward to getting new bulid done and doing some muni on something a bit less of a beast.

It’s going to feel quick and light if you’re used to a 4.8" tire.
That rim is a bit narrow by unicycle standards. I wonder if you’ll have issues with the tire folding over.

Well I haven’t been on it since we were away for a few days in October :disappointed: . Working at home (ironically), dark nights, and too many other things I have to get done at weekends haven’t been conducive to Hatchet practice unfortunately. I need to make an effort though rather than having excuses.

Hi Aarons it sure is going to be light compared to the hatchet and i am looking forward to riding it, its not the widest of rims for sure but hopefully tyre fold wont be an issue…hopefully!

Thats a shame DrD that life is not allowing you to get out on your hatchet as it really does need to be ridden so i hope you can get out on it soon.

It’ll probably be fine. You can pump it up more if you have trouble with folding over. There’s no point in trying to run it a low pressure since you have the hatchet for that.

Im sure itll be fine.

I have canel and river tow paths near where i live which the hatchet is too over kill for so this will be great to use on them and will be a joy to ride and allow for distances.

I looked at the picture and was like “woah, that’s really an odd-ball build - how on earth does that… work?” Then I noticed the wheel was just being held together with masking tape, and it wasn’t a metal bar that mysteriously supported all parts of the wheel.

My brain.

All built for the minute, For a throw together build of mainly second hand parts im impressed with it.

It is so light and its my first time going tubeless although ive not added any slime yet but tyre is staying up well so far.

Due to recent rain everywhere off road is soaked so i had just a ride around a play park on it and i like it.


What hub havr you used? I thought that the QX frames were only fitting qaxle hubs but your cranks are proving my assumption wrong.

I used a nimbus 100mm disc hub which fitted fine and I’m using isis cranks as I didn’t want splined arms

Those frames existed before Q-Axle was a thing. Q-Axle uses the same outer bearing diameter, width and 100mm spacing. Only hubs with low spacing between flange and bearing have an issue with the spokes rubbing on the bearing holder on these frames. (Can’t recall which exact hubs those are, but I think it’s always solvable if you file down the bearing clamp)

Nice build by the way! I think the not so wide rim should work well with enough tire pressure-I think that in some cases the way it makes the tire “rounder” would be an advantage in corners. (Those seatposts were designed to be used the other way around though, triangle up front)

Hi finnspin

Thanks for the info on the hub so I will have to go and have a look at the spokes to see if they are running close to the frame.

Thanks for positive comment on my build as I’m pleased with it even thou I’ve only ridden it once so far. Also thanks for pointing out my error on the seat post as I assumed more weight would be on the rear of the post…oops!

I took a look at the frame to spoke clearance and there is plenty of room there.

Im planning to paint the frame and seat post matt black soon so il swap the triangle around when I do.

Thanks for clarifying. Got one on sale from Goudurix and neither my Nimbus CrMo hub nor the Nimbus freewheel hub with onboard disc have the proper clearance… I slowly started to file the frame but I do not have the ideal tool.

Have fun with this build as it will be a totally different experience compared to your Hatchet :wink:

These frames can be filed until they even fit a Schlumpf hub. But yes, it takes some time and the proper tools. If it’s only the width and not the shoulder diameter, you should be fine with a good flat file. If you take the angel grinder, be very careful as it will chew through the soft material really fast.

That seams strange that mine is fine and yours is not, il try and get a photo that shows the clearance and add it to this thread.

Thanks yes I’m sure il enjoy it and for what I want to use it for it is going to be great and lots easier going than the hatchet.

It’s a bit hard to see the clearance fully but hopefully picture will help.

Just took it out for a brief ride whilst girlfriend ran and really pleased with how it rides

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Odd ball build done and came out loads better than I expected it to, thankfully the gap between tyre and frame is fine as I was worried a 27.5 in a 29 frame would give a gap that would annoy me but no im plenty happy with it :grinning: