New Nimbus 36"

What is this thing for on the back of the seat?

Picture 9.png

Rear handle for pushing or just holding the unicycle, and mounting luggage, it can also be used as a temporary unicycle stand.

Oh, heh…sorry about that. I didn’t read it:o

thats ok, i always ask stupid questions too !

(Generally in the world) there are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers.

there are no stupid questions, only inquisitive idiots.:wink:

What are you trying to say?


anyways :roll_eyes: this looks like a sweet uni, tough to choose between this and a bc or something else.

the difference is only about 500 $

id probly saw off the thing on the back of the seat if i got this.

The rear handle does make you a complete target if you play unicycle gladiators, it just makes grabbing the back of the seat so much easier :smiley:

you play unicycling gladiators on cokers???

Damn right I do. Actually that particular incident was after the Coker race in Warwick, we were just entertaining the crowds a little.


i would imagine it wouldnt be that easy, how did you go?

Taken at the recent Unicycle Races in Warwick town center. Full writeup in the next issue of Uni Magazine.


I came fourth in that particularly bout, mainly because i kept riding round in circles and no-one could get at me. Roger’s pretty good at it, but then he is an expert cokeur.

hey guys, if i got this and a magura brake, would i also have to get at airfoil rim? or would the brake work on the steel rim?


I would imagine that the brakes would work fine with the supplied rim, else having the mounts would be pointless as the airfoil rims are apparently difficult to come by. Incidentally Roger if you read this, why is getting the airfoil such as a problem as you’re apparentoly still selling them for £90 online? Are you just unable to get hold of stock at this price anymore?

The unicycle is actually lighter in colour than the one in the photo of roger at warwick

His was a prototype which I think was done a different colour although I don’t know why. The frame does look ver much like it does on the white background. I saw them at UDC’s Warehouse a couple of weeks ago and they are very nice.

Glad to see they are finally for sale and how much they are

I think I may just get the frame though and go with custom parts/wheelbuild for the rest so I can get something unique to me


My handle arrived today. It’s nice. The colour is actually pretty similar to the one Roger is riding in the race picture.

Tilt adjustment really does make a big difference to comfort - as everyone always says! Might have to get a rail adaptor for my other uni(s) now I know how much difference it makes!

It looks good and works well. I’ll be fitting it with a frame bag and bottle cage at some point in the future, plus I’ll want to get a bell to scare people with :slight_smile:

I’ll write a more full review (perhaps with pictures) at some point in the future. But I’m definitely glad I spent the money at the moment.