New Nimbus 36"

the new nimbus 36" is out and i have just creamed my pants

OMG the price is a lot lower than i thought it would be, although im surprised that it comes with a steel rim rather than the airfoil. Im seriously tempted now, I’ve seen this frame twice at events during its development and it looks spankingly good.

I wonder when it will be up on UDC USA, if ever, although I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t an airfoil rim, or something similiar.

I like the uni.
But i don’t ride distances maybe i will…

it hasnt got at airfoil cause its an american product.

thats what Roger said i think, but he’ll chip in with the reason in a few moments i believe.

The rim is not airfoil. It is stupidly simple why it is not fitted as standard. The rim is made in the US, just have a look what it costs to get it to the UK nevermind to Taiwan and then back out again! It would double the cost. We have some plans for an airfoil rim but they may take a bit to get done.


would these plans happen say in the next 2-3 months?

hmmmm, no. Development of this unicycle has taken 4 years so far! If the plans we are working on happen it may be 9 months if we are luckly I think more likely a year.


looks like im gettin it with the stadard steel rim then !

do you know if this uni as a whole will be available in australia or just the frame?

splills cream on pants

so good looking i want ot get one just to make it mine

i second that notion.



32" min cut leg length, oh man, I’d need some serious surgery to ride this beauty. My med insurance won’t cover it.

“32 inches cut” is 1.5 inches more than the old fashion Coker minimum. From the pics, It looks like the the new frame could be cut down as short as the Coker frames. Is there any chance for this guy who had to cut an inch off the old Coker frame to be able to enjoy this new ride? (without surgery)

Use 125mm cranks (or below). That should considerably shorten the leg length needed.

It is not as bad as it sounds… These are reletively accurate figures but I do ride it and have had 150mm cranks on it with it set for off-road and it was ok. I only wear 29" leg jeans.

I am not very tall…


You could always stack some wood on the pedals if you really needed to.
I don’t think you mentioned it roger, but do you know when it will be available in the US?

I actually don’t know when it will be available complete. Although I do know they have the frames and handles in. Not sure at all whether NZ and AU have any at present. I am not in work (for once so can not check).


That’s a beautiful unicycle, Roger. Maybe because it’s blue. It’s nice that it’s a step away from the 22.2mm seatpost standard up to 25.4mm where you can get tilt rail adapters. The 27.2mm is more common here but I don’t know about the UK, maybe there’s a lot of 25.4mm seatposts available off the shelf. As soon as the Airfoil rim idiocy gets worked out there will be a reasonably priced, stock Coker on the market. Thanks for pushing it.

Is it possible to buy the frame separately? How much would that cost?

Are there any action shots? I’m trying to figure out what the colour looks like outdoors, rather than against the white background :wink:

It all looks like pretty amazing stuff, anyhow. I’ll certainly be buying the handlebar unit, and consider buying the frame whilst I’m at it.


Thanks for answering the seat height concern. I prefer 150 cranks and also fit jeans with a 29 inch inseam so there is hope for me. I’ve got my eye on one of these beauties, at least the frame upgrade.