New Muni!

Hey everybody!
I ordered a load of parts from and they arrived yesterday! This will be the unicycle i will take down snowdon in april for cancer research! Its an Onza hub and crankset, Qu-ax alu frame with magura brakemounts, Halo Combat rim, Kris holm fusion seat and a huge nokian tyre!

What do you lot think?
Ride on!

P.s I will get some pictures up of it when iv built it! (hopefully this weekend)

Looks sweet.

Whats that thing above the cranks in the pic?

Cool frame. I don’t think that frame is available here in US. Is it aluminum?

The thing above the hub and cranks is a brake lever mount. Yeah the frame is a qu-ax aluminium one. It has slick looking bearing holders.

Ride on!

:roll_eyes: :wink:

EDIT: was to slow :smiley:

Does the brake post mount directly to the KH lift handle holes?

Yes, its made for the KH saddles.

Awesome looking kit, making up your own Muni from bits is a great way to do it, thats what I did. I look forward to seeing it at the Snowdon ride!


You’re gonna love that alum. frame. Didn’t know any comp. save KH was making alum. frames, and have yet to see that model in the US.

We really ought to get some kind of exchange program going so Muni riders from both the UK and US can visit each other’s venues. I’d love to ride on some totally different terrain and I suspect you blokes would find the California riding a hoot. I’ll get hold of Nathan Hoover (since he’ll go anywhere, any time to go riding), but we’ll need a contact in the UK toi figure this out.

JL (UDC germany) ship internationally! They have the frame.

Hey everyone!

Four hours and a 12 pack of beers and its built! Its a 24" with 140 cranks.

I cant wait to take it to the trail!
Ride on!

rlly nice

Damn, that’s sweeet!

Nice Muni, i got the same frame for my 19" Qu-ax trial.

Watch with those 140s, though, they’re really quite short for any kind of hilly Muni at all. Or are you doing more XC?

Really nice everything, though, it looks really really hot! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

did u build up the wheel your self or did you gat a bike shop or sumthin to put the spokes and crap together?

thats waht i was wondering

140s are too short? I beg to differ, But whatever.

I like 140s.

can you weigh the frame for me?

I have 140mm on my trials, but most of the muni’s I’ve seen have at least 152mm, all the way to 175, with 165 seeming to be the average for muni; but everybody has their own preference.:smiley: