NEW MUNI VIDEO 6/17/06 w/OC Uni club!

This past Saturday’s Muni ride (6/17/06) was the best yet in a lot of ways, with the inclusion of the OC uni club! Headed up by Adam Brody, with friends Tim and Tod, and ELEVEN of their young members who were DEFINITELY up to the task! I think the average age of the kids is around 10. This was their first foray into the world of muni, and they went at it with a vengence! My riding buddy Jim thought that since this was TOTALLY new to the kids, having never really ridden off-road before, they would probably would be tired out in a half hour, especially considering the 1,000 elevation gain. But NO WAY! After three hours they didn’t want to stop…but it was almost 8pm and gettin’ dark!

I am very proud of these youngsters and hope they can join us again soon! This video was the toughest challenge to edit to date! I had nearly one hour of footage that I had to sift through, and making choices as to what to leave in was difficult because it was all so good! It came in at about 8 minutes and it’s a pretty big file! I truly felt overwhelmed! I hope you all have dsl!

Obviously this is not a “preformance” video, but more like just some wild & crazy fun, and memorable moments captured on video to enjoy! There are no fancy “transitions” or “wipes”, as the cuts are pretty quick and the video moves along at a brisk pace. Lots of fun little bits of business thrown in for fun. Anyway, I was up 'till 4am working on it, then again this morning for several hours. I’m beat! Btw, ALL the kids were asked to bring helmets, shin and knee protection, but some did not! Luckily there were no bad injuries!:slight_smile: So I hope the fun we had translates in the video, and I hope that you enjoy it!


I will post a smaller file version later for those with dial-up, but the large version is highly recommended!

i’m downloading the big one right now, but it looks like it’ll take about 6hrs…

low res please? i’ll watch the big one eventually, i promise!


I’m about to upload a much smaller version.same full-length video, but 50 megs SMALLER! Yea! The quality’s gonna kinda suck, but maybe you can get the big vers. later! :smiley:

Its gonna take an hour to download, but im downloading it, cant wait to watch it.

HERE’S the SMALLER version!!!

1/3 the original size-FIFTY MEGABYTES smaller! And surprisingly the quality isn’t THAT bad! Hope this helps the DL times.:smiley:

wow, great vid!

Thanks Miles, but I think the big size of the file kept a lot of people from DL it!

that is pretty hardcore for some smaller kids!
i love you vids!, keep em up!


That was nice. Great to see all that new blood getting into MUni. Someone needs to mention to the coach of all those OC kids that they need to lower their seats a bit for the trails. They all seemed to have seat heights adjusted for “regular” riding.

I especially liked the “budget Camelbak alternative.” A great one for all those guys complaining about how much stuff costs!

One ding for the icky circus music you put behind the jugglers. Are they somehow on the other side of that invisible “circus” line because they like to juggle? Hmmm.

Actually, that was NOT “Circus” music, but rather a very famous composition by 20th century composer, Aram Khachaturian (1903 - 1978), called “Sabre Dance”. That piece is world famous and has been used in countless movies and TV shows. NOT circus music. Da da dada dada da da da da…that’s circus crap. I just wanted something light and fun for that last juggling segment.

Are those homemade torches? they look awesome…

Not sure if you’re asking me, but I don’t know anything about torches and that stuff. It was fun to watch though!

I do wish now that I’d video taped the boys taking turns piloting my radio controlled flying wing! (after the muni ride) That was really wild! It has a range up to 2 miles and SCREAMS into a rolling dive at over 60mph! I’m gonna start taking that with me every time I do muni so I can unwind after each ride! :sunglasses:

as im browsing thru ur awesome gallery, i saw dueling munis and that beginning is the funniest thing ive ever seen. BTW, u remind me of bill nye the science guy. ur really nice to all the kids, u seem like a fun guy to riding with. nice video

Dino is INSANE!!!
I can definitely see him on an extreme sports show in a few years (uni’s tony hawk maybe?)

Those kids are awesome, one guy did this on a plastic jugglebug uni!! We think Deano (One of the kids said that’s how it’s spelled) is the next KH. Absolutly no fear and no hesitation, just goes for it. Several of the kids were really good, doing big drops and fairly technical lines. I was most impressed with their stamina, I thought they’d fade after an hour. They would have kept going well into dark!!
Anyhow, great group and a fun ride. Terry and I have been doing this weekly Muni and invite all those that would like to join us to let us know. As you can tell it’s not all riding, we do stop to get some footage with the camera.

Entry of the Gladiators is also a very famous composition. That doesn’t stop it from being icky circus music. Play it live, at a symphony, and it’s classical music. Set it to juggling, and it’s circus music. My second-least favorite example.

But yes, it’s a little less annoying than Entry of the Gladiators…

I like the way you’re really breeding Muni. Those kids are going to be doing amazing stuff when we’re using walkers.

those kids were awesome and funny
good to see them having fun.The water bottle uni was really funny!

Actually, I just wanted the music to be light-hearted and and not something “serious” , because the juggling was just for kicks and giggles!:smiley: Plus, after SIX hours of editing, I just wanted to FINISH IT!

i agree, he was prolly the coolest kid in that video.